Seven Best Broward Ghosts

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Broward County has been the home to many a star and celebrity. But did you also know that many of those stars and celebrities are now dead?

It's true!

So how about we have ourselves a seance right here on The Pulp and conjure up the spirits of the seven best ghosts that haunt Broward County?

/lights a candle
//grabs your hand
///starts chanting

The real terror? Those unruly eyebrows. BUAHAHAHAHA!
7. Nick Navarro
Died: September 28, 2011

The ghost of former Broward County Sheriff Nick Navarro will haunt you every time you listen to any 2 Live Crew album. His idea of terrifying you is making you watch a Cops marathon. In the middle of the night, the ghost of Nick Navarro is known to sing "Bad Boys" until your ears bleed.

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