Sen. Jeff Clemens Wants to Keep Employers From Asking for Social Media Passwords

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Businesses looking to hire you want to be able to get all up in your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see if you're worth hiring. That's right. You want a job? You may have to allow someone to look through your Tweets and those vacation-to-Hawaii pics.

But Florida state Sen. Jeff Clemens has proposed a bill to make it not at all cool for employers to ask potential employees to hand over their passwords.

Until then, better delete those pics of you doing Jell-O shots off that girl's boobs.

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Clemens' proposed bill comes just as Facebook announced that it's getting more insufferable to be a member of rid of the privacy setting that allows its members to hide their profiles from the search engine. So now, anyone can find you. Super!

But Clemens' bill would also allow a person to sue if a potential employer demands their username and passwords.

This makes sense. If you refuse to hand over that info, an employer can then decide not to hire you. Not because you're not qualified but because you value your privacy.

Clemens, one of the last remaining intelligent reps left in our state, realizes this.

"Obviously if you don't give the password up, the likelihood is that you are not going to get the position and if you did give it up, you are really giving away some of your privacy," said Clemens.

Should the bill pass through the Legislature without any proposed changes or entanglements, then the law will become official come October 2014.

Until then, better delete those pics of you passed out drunk with penises drawn on your face.

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Jennifer Nanni
Jennifer Nanni

Hell no! What right do they have to any of my passwords? I think it's ridiculous enough that some employers run your credit and use that as a factor in the hiring process. If someone has bad credit they probably NEED a job so they can get back to a good financial place. Now they want to check my facebook? What I do in my free and private time is my business not my employers

David Cordero
David Cordero

Of course you can have my password is gofuckyourself.

Paul Aguirre
Paul Aguirre

it's so outrageous that an employer would even ask such a question...i am in shock that this is even an issue...

Joshua Smooth J Sutton
Joshua Smooth J Sutton

ask me i will give you a password alright the password is stay the fuck outta my business

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

Fuck no! Dafuq they need that for?!?!?! Get off my lawn man!!!!!

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

No. That's a weird request. If they want the key to my house to go snoop around and make sure i don't have i give them my key? Where do we draw the line? Do they want the password to my bank account next so they can make sure i'm not over drafting and can handle my money? Do they need my dr file to make sure that i'm being honest about my health?

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