Mug-Shot Friday: The Ultimate Derp Face, Buzzfeed Cats, Demon Spawn

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Arrested: 10/23
Charges: Battery
Parents beware: you take a nice kid from the suburbs, send him off to a liberal arts school in the Berkshires where letter grades have been replaced with emoji, this is what might come back to you.


Arrested: 10/22
Charges: Drinking in public.
This one is just hard to see.


Arrested: 10/22
Charges: Trespassing, failure to appear.
"Okay, good. But this time, give me the cat, channel that inner cat, let that monster right out. Forget about the camera. Not bad, not bad, but I don't mean Disney cat, give us Buzzfeed cat. Yes, great, but not cute Buzzfeed cat, give me supercilious Buzzfeed cat. Right, baby, there you go. Let that inner supercilious Buzzfeed cat out."

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