Mug-Shot Friday: O-Faces, Name That Neck Tat, and Candyland's Crack Problem

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You spoke, we listened. Back by popular demand, welcome to this week's post of the Broward-Palm Beach edition of Mug-Shot Friday, a longstanding franchise focusing on the week's most eye-catching mugs from South Florida's tat heads, tough guys, and femmes fatale.

Arrested: 10/09
Charges: Fraud.
This season, after a big debut at NYC Fashion Week, the big fad is the full-on Catherine the Great. Requires great poise and spinal strength, but this girl pulls it off.

Arrested: 10/09
Charges: Possession of cannabis.
Kirk and rest of the Enterprise crew first encountered the Baltharians in season one of the original series. A warlike people from the Centuri Ten system, famed for their stage theater, cutlery, and epic chin strap beards.

Arrested: 10/08
Charges: Battery.
This guys seems to have forgotten he's in police custody, not on set posing as the token Hispanic guy in a Gap commercial.

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