Marco Rubio Predicts the Future! Says Americans Will Hate Obamacare Sometime Next Year, Give or Take

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I'm no scientist, man. BUT. I CAN SEE THE FUTURRREEE..."
Marco Rubio isn't just the Golden Boy of the GOPer Dawn. He's also apparently a soothsayer.

Rubio, who shockingly voted against the debt deal on Wednesday, thinks people will eventually see things his way and actually revolt over Obamacare.

His reason seems to be rooted in what experts call "butthurtedness."

Rubezzzz appeared on Fox's Hannity following the vote, because when you want to reach a part of America that only wants to hear things to confirm their own predisposed notions and beliefs, you get your face on that hard-hitting, no-holds-barred Obama Hate Propaganda Machine talking head show.

Rubio didn't just tell people who already agree with him that America will eventually change their minds about feeling awesome about Obamacare, but that they'll flat-out REVOLT.

Marcodamus even nailed down exactly when this revolt will take place.

It'll take place next year. Around February.

Or March.

Or April.

Or May.

"By the early part of next year, February, March, April, and May of next year -- and I know that sounds like a long time away, but it's not -- the realities of the law are going to begin to impact people," Rubio said.

"There is going to be an all-out revolt in this country over that. And that is, I think, the moment to absolutely act and say we are going to get rid of this law and then look for opportunities in the future to replace it."

Rubio's main reason for the coming revolt appears to be that he thinks people are stupid.

Sure you've heard of Obamacare, he says, BUT DID YOU REALIZE THAT IT'S NOT ACTUALLY FREE??

"A lot of people are going to wake up and realize, 'Hold on a second, this is not free health insurance. This is something that's going to cost us something we are already happy with. It's hurt us at work. It's cost us our relationship with our doctor. Our premiums have gone up.' And they're going to be angry about that," he said.

Yea, no, Marcos Arilious Douchebageous.

People realize it's not FREE.

The same Americans who say they're fed up with the GOPer Tea Bagging of the nation, and the same people that say they approve of Obamacare (i.e., THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN THE U.S.) know it's not about free health care but, rather, affordable health care.


Affordable. Care. Act.

It seems the Rubezzzz is running out of victory laps. The golden sheen that once graced his political aspirations has been replaced with dry-mouth and silly talking points.

And now this. A prediction that people will "see the light" and come around to his view of things.

It's not science, man. IT'S MAGIC.

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Well no one claimed the extremist right was actually smart.  The real irony is it was the GOP that cut out the single payer stuff from the ACA and replaced it with everything they hate so much now.

bvckvs topcommenter

It's funny.  Some Republicans are against ACA because they think it IS free, while other Republicans are against it because they think it's NOT free.

The only ones who are consistent in their criticism are the ones who are against it because they hate their own government.

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