Marco Rubio Introduces Bill to Not Have People Punished Until Obamacare Website Is Running Again

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Fresh off ditching his own immigration reform bill, Marco Rubio -- along with Rep. Trey Radel -- have introduced a bill that would delay the individual mandate under Obamacare until the Obamacare website is fixed.

Rubio promised he would do this last week, and now here we are. HE'S A MAN OF HIS WORD!

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The bill, cleverly named the "Delay Until Fully Functional Act," is also cosponsored by a plethora of GOPer All-Stars, including Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), James Inhofe (R-OK), Jerry Moran (R-KS), Pat Roberts (R-KS), Roger Wicker (R-MS), Thad Cochran (R-MS), John Boozman (R-AR), and Mike Johanns (R-NE).

That's a whole lotta pasty-white Obama haters right thurrr!

And at least one of them -- Inhofe -- has gone as far as to say Obamacare would probably kill you. Also, he thinks global warming is a hoax.

Nice roundup of true American heroes, there, Rubes!

In a news release announcing the bill, Rubio heroically stands up for the very people he and his GOPer pals have been trying to screw by holding the country hostage because Obama had the gall to win the election and now is doing things they don't like.

"Americans already have too many financial burdens for Washington to go adding another useless and unjust tax, especially when that tax punishes the American people for the government's own errors," Rubio says in the statement. "I believe ObamaCare must eventually be entirely repealed and replaced, but until that becomes possible we must continue to focus on protecting Americans from the law's ongoing problems."

Lookit Rubes being all Man of the People.

Sure, Rubio isn't a very good leader, and he gets supercrazy thirsty when he talks on the TV. And yes, he hates gays and women and poor people.

But the guy can pander like a sonofabitch!

So let's follow the logic train from that statement.

Since Rubio can't repeal Obamacare now, he'll fight to do it later -- when Americans have finally been able to get on the website so they can buy insurance they otherwise couldn't afford before Obamacare.

Does this make any sense?

Not really.

But hey, how are we supposed to know how Rubio's brain works? WE'RE NO SCIENTISTS, MAN!

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I agree w/Rubio on this one. I think Obamacare needs to fix before anyone gets any fines. But I don't agree with his Immigration policy.

I think Number One, they need to get the prices down to where people can afford it. This is not Affordable Healthcare. All of this is just going to cost people huge debt from doctors and hospitals and outside facilities that do not fit into our budgets. The premiums, copays & deductibles are much to high, it will choke the Middle Class.

Obama & Congress are not thinking of us or just don't care. Why can we not get people in Congress and a President who actually care about the people in the U.S??  They are so worry about what effects them and their GREED.

It is disgusting how they treat the Middle Class.

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