Kaitlyn Hunt, Gay Teen Involved With Underaged Girl, Offered New Plea Deal

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Kaitlyn Hunt has been offered a new plea deal.

Hunt, 19, is facing two counts of lewd and lascivious battery and one count of transmission of material harmful to a minor. But prosecutors are offering a deal in which she would have to agree to stay in jail until December and serve three years of felony supervision, including three months of probation and two years of community control.

This is a turn of events when the prosecution revoked an original plea deal after Hunt violated the terms of conditions.

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In August, investigators discovered that Hunt had defied pretrial court order when she sent thousands of text messages, including naked photos, to the girl she's accused of having sexual relations with when the victim was 14 years old.

The judge had ordered Hunt to cut off all communication with the victim. Prosecutors also alleged that Hunt's mother, Kelley Hunt Smith, also stayed in touch with the victim and told her to delete the texts from Kaitlyn so she wouldn't get in trouble.

Hunt has been in jail since.

Assistant State Attorney Chris Taylor says that Hunt has yet to agree to this new deal but also that there is no firm deadline.

"It fulfills the wants of the victims and it also fulfills the need for the punishment that she deserves," he said. "The offer has been made; we haven't received word back whether they are accepting the offer or not."

Hunt was arrested back in February on "lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12 to 16 years old" charges because of her same-sex relationship with a fellow student, who was 14 at the time.

Hunt has received an overwhelming amount of support online since her arrest, particularly from those who believe this is a gay rights issue.

The Hunt family has maintained that Hunt's girlfriend's parents had pressed charges because they simply couldn't handle their daughter being in a same-sex relationship.

If Hunt accepts the new deal, a hearing will be scheduled before a judge.

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Joe Mason
Joe Mason

19 having sex with A 14 y/o is rape no matter what the sex of the victim is treater like if she was A Man If A 19 y/o man had sex with A 14 y/o there would be no second chance he would get 15 years or more

Addys Mariana
Addys Mariana

Thank you so much! are those ALL the pictures?

Josh Colletta
Josh Colletta

The law she was brought up on charges under is ridiculous to begin with. Not that she didn't cause more trouble for herself, but the later "violation" wouldn't have happened if the law itself were just. The whole thing ought to be dismissed immediately, and the law overturned.

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