Jeb Bush and Son Disagree on Ted Cruz and Tea Party Tactics

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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is looking less and less like a Republican lately. This time around, he's calling Ted Cruz and the Tea Party folk's tactics to defund Obamacare "embarrassing."

Meanwhile, Jeb!'s son, George P. Bush, has been all about Cruz, specifically saying he wants to keep the Affordable Care Act out of Texas.

George P. is running for land commissioner in Texas.

In an interview with ABC's This Week, Jeb! says the GOPers have now lost ground after almost breaking the country (again).

"I think there was some ground lost from the political point of view," Bush said to ABC's Jon Karl. "Tactically it was a mistake to focus on something that couldn't be achieved. That's what that was; it was tactics. In fact, I would argue that allowing Obamacare to be implemented, two things would happen."

He also made it clear that the whole "don't raise the debt ceiling thing" was pretty dumb, particularly overseas:

"Well, you have to pay your obligations," Bush said. "I do a lot of traveling overseas, and when we have these spikes of political conversations that are not grounded in reality, the rest of the world looks at us as untrustworthy. That has implications not just for us, slowdown of economic activity; it has implications in the world because people have to count on the United States."

Meanwhile, George P. told the Dallas Morning News that he was behind Cruz and the Tea Party's idea that not raising the debt ceiling and defunding Obamacare was the way to go.

"I agree with this effort to defund it, or keep Texas out of the program unless we can modify it to a Texas-specific solution," he said.

So, as ever, Jeb! continues to be the voice of reason for his party. He may have his faults, and he may wear black socks with khaki shorts (we saw him at a movie theater dressed this way once), but he's at least reasonable and, you know, not a dumb.

Meanwhile, his son is on that Tea Party Bandwagon.

So to recap: A guy running for land commissioner has a better shot at winning the Republican ticket in 2016 than a former governor.

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Ted's problem is he is a one trick pony on the ACA, but he simply has NO PLAN nor NOR ALTERNATIVE. (He doesn't play well with the other children and he seems incapable of knowing his weaknesses or strengths and has little if any capacity to deviate from his well conditioned 'one act')

Huge money and all the yakity yak in the world can't cover up Ted's extreme deficiency in the one thing that matters, 'what is the alternative'. And going back the way things were is never going to happen, so Ted, 'what's the alternative'.. 

Until he can figure that out, he is not much more than a balloon called Hindenburg flying in a lightening storm.. If I were on his ship I would be jumping about now if I had self preservation in mind for myself or my party... or my nation.


Well, Jeb was always the smart Bush..not that I want him running for anything.  His son though..any chance he is actually the progeny of GW?

riverrat69 topcommenter

I thought FloriDUH was the home of the teabag troglodyte breeding stock. But TexASS has surged to the forefront.  TexASS has managed to pit Bush against Bush. Whod'a thunk it?



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