Gas Leak Odor in Boca Nothing to Be Concerned About, Officials Say

Folks in Lantana, Boynton Beach and Boca Raton began reporting a gas leak between Lantana Road and Boynton Beach Boulevard this afternoon.

But, according to the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, there is no reason for alarm. It's not a gas leak, as many residents had feared.

Only thing is, if you live in these areas, your neighborhood might smell like a wet fart for a few days.

But it's safe.

The odor is from work being done on the neighborhood gas lines.

According to a news release by fire department spokesman Albert Borroto, something called mercaptan odorant is being added to natural gas lines by Florida Public Utilities.

FPL reportedly will be adding more of the stuff in Boca Raton as early as this afternoon.

Since natural gas on its own is invisible and odorless, mercaptan is added to it for safety reasons, though no reason is found as to why is smells like rotting eggs.

Mercaptans are required by state and federal regulations to be added to pipelines and other areas where natural gas flows.

So, according to officials, the odor is a federally required safety issue, but not a gas leak.

So, you know, don't freak out.

Also, close those windows to avoid the funk.

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