Florida Man Shows Cop Weed He Bought in Attempt to Rat Out Dope Dealer, Gets Arrested

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A Fort Myers man decided he'd teach his dope dealer a lesson when her mom yelled at him by turning her in to police.

He had an ironclad plot against her too. Clear and irrefutable evidence that would surely put her behind bars in no time.

The man's evidence that she was a dope dealer and should be arrested immediately?

The bag of weed he bought from her.

Nice job, Iron Side!

Marcus Gollman called 911 after his alleged dealer's mother had yelled at him.

According to an arrest report, when the responding officer questioned Gollman why the woman had yelled at him, Gollman responded, "Because I had bought dope from her daughter, and now I'm gonna turn her in to the police."

Gollman then invited the police officer to his home to see the dope he had bought from the girl.

"Come to my house and I'll give you the dope," he said. "It's in a green plastic bag. It's a little marijuana."

The probably astounded officer followed Gollman to his home and waited outside until the man came back out with a bag of what was supposedly weed.

"Here's the dope I bought, sir," Gollman said, according to the report.

The stunned deputy, probably thinking this was the easiest bust he's ever made, then arrested Gollman on the spot.

Gollman was charged with possession of marijuana under 20 grams.

That dope dealer is a slippery one!

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