Florida Man Jumps Into Water to Save Bull Shark

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Bull sharks are known for being aggressive toward humans, and there have been numerous accounts of bull shark attacks in Florida. They are an ornery, pugnacious species that should be avoided at all costs.

And with that comes news out of Gasparilla that a fisherman jumped out of his boat into the water to rescue a 300-pound bull shark moments after pulling a hook out of its mouth.

It's actually a pretty neat story, in that the fisherman played by the purest of catch-and-release rules. And by that we mean, dude had some major balls to jump into the water and help a shark that would've eaten him, if only for spite.

The fisherman was with Gasparilla Big Game, a charter that operates on the west coast. After reeling in the shark, the man unhooked it and released it back into the ocean.

But the fisherman quickly realized something was wrong. The shark wasn't moving.

It was likely in distress, what with having been yanked out of the water with a giant hook in its mouth and all.

Still, where most people would likely be all "Hmmm. Dead shark. Oh well" and leave it at that, the fisherman jumped into the water to help the animal.

The fisherman gently pushed the shark until it regained itself and swam away.

Someone on the charter videotaped the whole thing. Someone else yelled out, "Now THAT'S a catch and release!" And called the whole endeavor "badass."

Neither of them jumped into the water to help the fisherman. But thanks for the encouragement, you guys!

The fisherman got back onto the boat, and the bull shark swam away just fine.

You can view the video below. Although the title "Shark Attack!!!" is a tad misleading.

Still. All in all, pretty cool.

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