FAU Football Coach Carl Pelini Resigns After Allegations of Drug Use Emerge

On Wednesday afternoon, reports surfaced that FAU football head football coach Carl Pelini had abruptly resigned.

No immediate reason was given for Pelini's departure, but following a press conference by athletic director Pat Chun Wednesday afternoon, it was revealed that Pelini and defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis were accused of using illegal drugs.

Chun says that no players were involved.

Pelini and Rekstis were escorted from the campus by police Wednesday morning, but no arrests were made. It is unlikely any charges will be filed.

Chun revealed that he received word of the coaches were using drugs from an anonymous tip. This led to an investigation where Chun came across more evidence of drug use. He then called FAU's office of general counsel to discuss the matter.

ESPN's Bret McMurphy said that Pelini and Rekstis had attended a "social even where pot was used."

Chun says he confronted Pelini and Rekstis on the accusations. The two men admitted to it and tenured their resignations on the spot.

Pelini earned a 5-15 record in two seasons coaching the Owls.

FAU has only won 2 games thus far this season, with four games remaining on the schedule.

Before taking over the Owls, Pelini worked with his brother Bo as defensive coordinator / defensive line coach at Nebraska.

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Andrea Devonport
Andrea Devonport

His contract that he signed had a clause about drug use in it.. Case closed, its an HR issue. he will likely owe FAU a lot of money for breach of contract

Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

This is such a catch 22 for FAU. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. But since no arrests were made and no students were involved, I am having a difficult time understanding why Pelini was escorted off of campus by police and why he wasn't allowed to say goodbye to the players. This is a critical blow to FAU athletics and the university as a whole. Whoever this "tipster" is just screwed the school for years over a little pot. How is that for foresight?

Blossom Pierce
Blossom Pierce

That is ridiculous. I see no reason such an incident would warrant losing a job.

Michael Aaron Hoffman
Michael Aaron Hoffman

why do media outlets such as yourself post huge pictures of marijuana leaves and speak of the advantages of legalized marijuana, and then go and make a stupid comment implying that someone did something awful, and failing to understand or sympathize with the idea that someone would want to smoke some pot instead of getting drunk? The editors should be ashamed of their blatant hypocrisy. pathetic, new times, very pathetic. how much money has the New Times made selling your backpage to all those pain clinics and 'escorts'?

KennyPowersII topcommenter

@Stephen Raysor Chowaniec Boozebag Schnellenberger was a hero at FAU. Hypocrites. Now Pat Chun can hire one of his OSU cronies. Jim Tressell.

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