Families of Two Fort Lauderdale Men Killed by Out-of-Control Porsche Awarded $2.2 Million

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Alyza Rachel Russell was driving with a blood-alcohol level of .17.
The families of Mackendy Jules, 30, and Samuel Artez Martindale, 35, the two men who were killed by 22-year-old Alyza Rachel Russell when she plowed her mother's 2012 Porsche Panamera through some bushes and into a parking lot, slamming into the two men, have been awarded a joint $2.2 million.

The two victims were known to be part of the homeless community in Fort Lauderdale. The parking lot where they were killed was a regular hangout spot for them.

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Russell killed the men on June 13 shortly before 2:15 a.m. in the parking lot at Broward Boulevard and SW Fifth Avenue, east of Interstate 95, near downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Martindale was dragged under the Porsche for some distance. He died later that day at Broward General Medical Center.

The tragic scene at the parking lot was of a mangled bike, a black cap, and a pair of white sneakers strewn about near a pool of blood. Not long after the crash, the pole near the bushes Russell crashed through had a handwritten message reading, "God took an angel."

Russell had been accompanied by two passengers at the time of the crash, but none of the passengers was injured. After the accident, she and the vehicle's passengers cooperated with investigators.

Toxicology reports showed that Russell was driving with a blood-alcohol level of .17 at the time of the accident. She eventually turned herself in.

Russell has been in trouble with her driving in the past.

Back in January, she entered a plea of no contest for a charge of driving without a valid driver's license. At the time, she was driving a 2009 Porsche.

There is a criminal case pending against Russell, but the families of the dead men pursued a wrongful-death suit against her.

But instead of a trial, Russell's family agreed to settle. The families of the two men will have $2.2 million to divvy among themselves.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Not nearly the media blitz as Goodman.


America, typical. The murderer gets away as usual.

smdrpepper topcommenter

So the rich once again get away with murder.

Lenny Lebowitz
Lenny Lebowitz

I think the court should keep her drinking and driving so she can run over more bums and the families of the bums should pay for damage done to the porsche

Dino MacabreEnt
Dino MacabreEnt

Money givin by some rich family who has more that they could use. And two lives lost. 22 year old drunk rich girl scum. They only payed to keep her out of jail. What would happen if it was you or me? Our asses would be in jail. And still in jail today. Fck Her and her family.

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

Understood. If they were homeless by choice or force, I still feel that the families have no right to benefit off their death. This money should go to helping the homeless of the future, not the families that couldn't help for reasons either they created or couldn't resolve. If they had money before maybe they could have helped. This is an opportunity for them to help the community, not to be selfish.

Ruben Cueto
Ruben Cueto

We don't know the back story here. The Sentinel story says that one of them lived with his mother and that "some who knew Jules similarly said he wasn't homeless." For all we know, the families could have opened their homes to them, and the men may have been there off and on.

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

I'm confused...so these families wouldn't take these two homeless men in...other wise they wouldn't have been homeless...but because they were killed by a rich drunk girl...they get money? Very interesting that these families are profiting off the hardships they placed on these two men...in a way. Either way, it is wrong of her and she should have some punishment...but giving the families money...that i don't see any reason for. They should give all that money to a homeless service so as to help homeless people NOT be homeless, not to help a family with their supposed grieving over the death of family members that they don't appear to have cared for before their death anyways. It is intriguing the change of heart money can provide.

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