Donald Trump Says He'll Pay for Military Burials Halted Because of Shutdown

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Palm Beacher Doanld Trump tweeted this morning:

Five U.S. soldiers were killed last week, and because of the federal government shutdown, the Department of Defense did not have the authority to authorize "death gratuities and other key benefits for the survivors of service members killed in action." Families typically get $100,000 (this is usually wired within days so families can pay for flights and expenses) plus a 12-month housing stipend. Though the benefits will likely be paid when the government starts up again, the glitch was seized up on Congress yesterday, where politicians blamed one another and vowed to fix it.

Six minutes after his initial tweet, Trump generously offered to take control (and blame Obama, rather than House Republicans), tweeting:

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riverrat69 topcommenter

Bad  Front Combover Birther Nut needs to bury himself and the rest of the teabag troglodyte brigade  in  a hole filled with the deep primordial slime they arose from. Everyone should have health care and insurance and  HMO companies CEOs ought to be hung by what little balls they have. Hear that Rick, you piece of shit. We need a single payer system. Nothing else will do:

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Well, if the soldiers would be furloughed as the other gov't workers are, then there would be no burials needed. Factor in the Trump never does anything without some avaristic motive, this doesn't seem all that noble.


If it wasnt for his best buddies of the extremist GOP, there would never be a manufactured shutdown and no issue at all for all this.


Yes let's play "blame the republicans". don't bother that America is a free country and we don't appreciate a blanket healthcare monopoly run by the government for the government. You can't seriously think it's a good idea when the politicians that passed the bill don't even want it. Wake up and smell the communism on your face.


@smallwood.aaron.w Its not playing, it is stating the facts.  A minority do not like the law so they have the GOP doing every moronic thing possible to fight it, despite the fact that they helped write it, passed it, and made it into law.  Those same politicians are also part of the ACA despite the right wing propaganda stating otherwise and it is no where near communism.  

So the right would prefer millions of people to not have any health care, which in turn makes things worse in the country.  At this point we should never have let the GOP touch the original bill so we could all have single payer like the rest of the civilized world, a system that works incredibly well despite these extremists insisting it does not.  Personally I would prefer not to go bankrupt if something goes wrong.  But I am weird like that I suppose.

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