Donald Trump and FPL Are Twitter Beefin'

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From Obama's birth certificate to utility poles that make his hotel look super ugly, Trump fights the good fight, always!
Donald Trump tweets like a preteen girl. But that's all part of his never-ending quest to pretend that he's going to run for president and to shell out everything that has the name TRUMP on it.

He also takes advantage of the social media platform to not only pander to military families but also to bitch about everything under the sun that threatens the good of the human race.

Just kidding. He'll only bitch if it affects him. Like his latest beef with Florida Power & Light.

FPL has some really ugly utility poles outside Combover McDipshit's Trump National Doral in Miami, you see. And now it's facing the threat of a Twitter threat of a lawsuit.

Frankly, we're disappointed Trump didn't blame Obama for the rotting utility poles. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A LEADER!

FPL caught wind of the complaints and responded on its Twitter.

That's your problem, FPL. Facts matter to YOU. But to Trump, not so much. YOU LOSE THIS ROUND!

That's a pretty sick burn by whoever runs the FPL Twitter. Handout. Get it?

Twitter is awesome. Also awesome: when people troll Donald Trump.

But remember, folks. The true measure of a person worthy of the office of the President of the United States is not just quoting Wayne Gretzky or talking about your luxury golf courses. It's knowing your shit. Clearly.

That and ending all your arguments with an exclamation point. Exclamation points mean you're not wrong!

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