Deputy Gerald Wengert Severely Beat Up a Hollywood Man, Suit Claims

Gerald Wengert (his 2012 mug shot for allegedly beating up a teen; Wengert was eventually acquitted).
Broward Sheriff's Deputy Gerald Wengert, a cop who was a dog handler on the Learning Channel's now-canceled Unleashed: K-9 Broward County, is being sued for beating up a Hollywood man and then inventing a reason to arrest the man to justify it.

Just this past April, Wengert was acquitted of beating up a 17-year-old and then having his dog attack the teen. Wengert's girlfriend allegedly told the deputy to do it.

These latest accusations sound pretty familiar, painting Wengert as a cop who abuses his badge by bullying young, weaker men to the point of ridiculousness.

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According to this latest suit, Wengert, 35, allegedly taunted 21-year-old Kevin Buckler at a Cooper City gas station, then followed that up by pulling him over for no reason.

Wengert then allegedly grabbed Buckler and pulled him out of the car, smashed the man's face into the car-door frame, and punched him in the face.

Buckler was taken to Hollywood Memorial Hospital, where he spent two days recovering from a fractured face and swollen, bloodied eyes.

According to the arrest report filed by Wengert, Buckler blew smoke into the officer's face and threw a cigarette at him. Buckler also refused to comply with Wengert's orders when pulled over and tried to assault the deputy when he was being pulled from his car.

The suit, filed by Buckler's attorney, Barbara Heyer, calls the beating "excessive, unreasonable and in violation of federal and state law, as well as accepted police practices within the United States."

The BSO has so far declined comment on the suit.

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In another article it says the victim was a 17yr. old teenager...which is it?

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