West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale Among America's Most Stressed Cities, According to Report

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Chill, West Palm Beach. Take it easy. You too, Fort Lauderdale.

Because, according to a new study, you guys are totally stressed out.

The research firm, Sperling's Best Places, recently ranked the most-stressed-out cities and, four cities in Florida are atop the list.

West Palm Beach, the study says, is the tenth most-stressed-out city in America (Fort Lauderdale comes in at 11, just missing out the Top 10)

Sperlings bases its study on a variety of factors:

- Unemployment rate (BINGO)
- Suicide rate (BUMMER)
- Commute time (OH FUCK YEAH)
- Mental health (THAT'LL DO IT)
- Alcohol use (BOOZE!)
- Violent crime rate (GAH!)
- Property crime rate (GAHH!)
- Cloudy days annually (GA... WAIT. SERIOUSLY?)

The only other Florida cities above West Palm and Fort Lauderdale were Miami at 3, Jacksonville 4, and Orlando at 6. Tampa-St. Petersburg came in at number 1.

"Frankly, I was shocked by the concentration of Florida cities clustered in the top ten," said lead researcher Bert Sperling. "But when we look into the statistics, we can see some of the reasons."

The study also factored in weather, basically saying that living in a sunny place makes you want to walk in front of a Tri-Rail.

"We've done some analysis to test the validity of the popular notion that cloudy days contribute to depression, stress, or suicide," Sperling said. "Perhaps to a small extent, but we've found that the suicide rate is more closely associated with sunnier places. That's a subject for another study."

Incidentally, Minneapolis came in as the least stressed city. So, apparently, you're better off living in a place where it's sub-arctic weather all year round over a place where the beach, babes, drinks, and palm trees are ten minutes from your house.


So there you have it. Our jobs situation is terrible, divorce is high, we drink too much, and living in paradise makes us want to kill ourselves.

And to make matters worse, West Palm and Fort Lauderdale come in tenth and 11th. WE CAN'T EVEN BE THE BEST AT BEING THE WORST!

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frankd4 topcommenter

WHAT WE really need is better reporting to keep us better informed so we stress less


Commute times in West Palm Beach? It is certainly not due to traffic. Try living in a big city like Atlanta and see how traffic is. If commute times are too long, then you live too far from where you work and its your fault.


It likely has something to do with the very large separation between the wealthy and the poor.  There is not much of a middle class left here in Florida compared to other states.  And before the righties tear this apart, think about it and ask yourself if you have lived in any other states.  I have, three in total.  And only here in Florida is this so pronounced.  It also does not help that the rich look down on anyone not in their class.

Katie Kalls
Katie Kalls

Its the people on the road. Only time I get stressed. That would make it everyday then! Lol

Jon Wasielewski
Jon Wasielewski

if they lived in Detroit for a few years.......they wouldn't even know what stress is!!

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

SO IS TAMPA no wonder Look who is Running the state A fraud

icculus17 topcommenter

@smdrpepper exactly, I'm not the only one that sees the enormous rich/poor divide here?  even a basic lunch here costs more than most places


@smdrpepper The separation of the classes is definitely much wider than other places I have lived.

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