Sun Sentinel Reporter Has "Meltdown" at Boca Meeting

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A reporter from the Forum Publishing Group -- part of the Sun Sentinel -- was caught on camera having a "meltdown" during a meeting of the West Boca Forum Council.

According to, and the YouTube video below, chiropractor-slash-political adviser Andre Fladell was lamenting the modern-day press during the meeting. He noted that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was rarely photographed in a wheelchair and that his staff often helped change his pants. Fladell said, "If they did that for a president today, there'd be a boxers or briefs debate on CNN."

"The press has no respect for its own profession; there is no sense of journalism," Fladell told the room Tuesday night. "They have no respect for the country; they're self-serving incompetent journalists."

That's when reporter Marci Shatzman, of the Boca Raton Forum and West Boca Forum, stood up and declared loudly, "I totally disagree -- I'm a member of the press, and I'm not going to sit and listen to this crap; I'm leaving!"

Fladell said, "Good. Then let me go further."

Schatzman retorted, "If you think that's great, there's going to be nobody covering anything," as she stormed out of the room. "You won't have a goddamn bit of coverage. Goodbye!"

Fladdell carried on, unflustered. "The press is not always balanced."

Schatzman came back.

"Don't listen to him! He doesn't know what he's talking about. He's full of you-know-what!"

Fladell did not return a message late Thursday.

Shatzman did not want to speak about the incident.

Guess Fladell's never had corporate overlords breathing down his neck, pressuring him to put together a list of cutest kittens for clickbait -- when all he really wants to do is cover transportation policy. Sigh...

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Hello, You have wrote many articles on "Prince" Andre Fladell, political powerbroker and his connections to Politics.  Here are some more Interesting comments and articles in Delray Cooked on Facebook, about "Prince" Andre Fladell.  Also check out  Lots of public records in Palm beach County Courts about Andre Fladell not paying court ordered child support.  Is this news worthy?

KennyPowersII topcommenter

She can't sue him for slander. It's the truth.

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