Pam Bondi Wants Young Adults to Be Able to Buy Guns in Florida

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What kind of country do we live in where 18-year-old kids aren't allowed to buy themselves a gun?

Because that's exactly the battle Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is fighting, as the Supreme Court grapples with a decision to overturn a law that poops all over the Second Amendment and says kids shouldn't be able to buy a deadly weapon and I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK, OBAMA.

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As it is with all things GUNZ, the NRA is attempting to have the law that restricts people who are barely old enough to vote and not old enough to buy alcohol to go ahead and buy a gun if they want to.

And Bondi has hopped onto the DON'T TREAD ON MY CHARLTON HESTON'S DEAD HANDS bandwagon and joined Alabama Attorney General Luther Strangle in the struggle.

Florida and 20 other states have signed a brief supporting the NRA's quest to have a federal court strike down the law that prohibits the sale of handguns by federally licensed dealers to people aged 18 through 20.

Just think of all the good that will happen if this insidious law is overturned.

Kids! With guns! In Florida! Where we have laws that free people who shoot other unarmed people!

Think of the possibilities!

Sure, Florida has other pressing needs, such as legalizing medical marijuana for those suffering debilitating diseases, or health insurance for those who can't afford it, or revisiting the Stand Your Ground law, or maybe revisitng the internet café fiasco, or possibly looking to overturn pit bull bans in parts of the state, or helping to ease voting lines, or getting a bill passed that pays teachers more.

But, no, yeah, allowing teenagers to FINALLY be able to go to Walmart and buy a handgun along with a Red Bull and a bag of pretzel M&Ms is a much more dire priority.

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and last time i was in Wal-mart they didn't have handguns at all.  Botched abortions shouldn't be allowed to write in a public forum.


the writer of this article needs to be fired, at 18 you can buy firearms from private individuals in florida already. 


Kids with guns?  18 year olds?  When I was 18, I was a Marine Pfc, armed to the teeth.  I wasn't out there shooting up the 'hood.  Not even robbing liquor stores or shooting rival drug dealers.  Possession of a handgun by 18 year olds is legal, it's just purchase that is verboten.  Why the dichotomy?  And why not allow purchase from a licensed dealer, where a background check is conducted and a record kept?


I realize where this article is coming from but  you guys need to Know your &^%@ before you go rattling it off,  Before you write an article please do at least 15 minutes of fact checking in Google. If you did you would know that the legal age to buy a gun use to be split by the class of weapon.   You use to be able to buy a rifle at 18 years old but couldn't buy a hand gun until 21.  This article was written by some one who has never touched a gun in their life.  

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

If Scott Kicks The Bucket Can You Say Governor Bondi


The stupidity is strong in Bondi..

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