Olivia Sprauer, Stuart Teacher Fired for Nudie Pics, Doing a Hustler Porno Shoot

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"I don't do spread-eagle shots for the camera, so I don't think Hustler is going to work out," Olivia Sprauer told the Huffington Post in mid-May.

Looks like it will, actually. Olivia Sprauer -- er, sorry, Victoria Valentine James -- has announced she's doing a Hustler porno shoot. (Today!)

It truly has been a remarkable ride: married high school English teacher turned divorced bikini model turned strip club employee turned Hustler model.

And now, with the narrative settled at its natural terminus, Sprauer has spouted glee all over Facebook, the source of all things reliable. Sprauer was just in Las Vegas for a lingerie exhibition but has now landed in Beverly Hills for a brush with pornography.

She wants her followers to know, however, this won't be "Hustler style." (?) It will be "Playboy style."


And indeed, like any good Hustler model, Sprauer appeared to hit the booze pretty hard on the plane out to Las Vegas, uploading an image of four empty bottles of Smirnoff vodka next to a can of Canada Dry. Then, she took in some "pampering" at the Rio Salon and Spa.

This was a time, Sprauer remarked, of great "nervousness" and "excitement." One follower named Bill Page encouraged confidence. "Show that PINK!!" he urged. "Save me a photo!!"

"Thank you!!" Sprauer gushed.

"Remember," Page said. "You are a GODDESS!!"

Finally, as last night closed and Sprauer arrived at Flynt Publications, she settled into her hotel room and found one more surprise: a bag of "goodies."


This development means there's only one place Sprauer can now take her burgeoning career: pull a Farrah Abraham and do a porno with James Deen.

Larry Flynt can probably help with that too.

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You are doing the right thing according to my morals.  You are free white and over 21 so to speak.  You can do what you wish to better your life and make a good career for yourself.

As far as the students and faculty are concerned, they have the job to protect what is best for their student body.  If a student is of the age to purchase a magazine with your photo gallery then so be it.  That student has rights too.

It would not bother me if my student's teacher had a private life shooting spreads of herself in the nude.  However, I would not condone this if my student was not of age.

Mark C. Steele


another great role model for the Future of america! 


man, you guys cant buy comments on this garbage, can you?

commenter8 topcommenter

Hot For Teacher :-)


naked bodies are sooooooo disgusting. fuck off, mjohny2000

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