"No War with Syria" Rally in Boca

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Bashar_al-Assad.jpg: Fabio Rodrigues Pozzebom / ABr
War is hell, everyone knows -- even if you're supposedly fighting it with unmanned drones, surgical strikes, and big-ass warships.

If you're one of the many getting that icky feeling in your stomach about possible impending military action in Syria, you might want to grab some posterboard and a Sharpie and head over to I-95 and the Glades freeway overpass at 3 p.m. Saturday, where fellow peaceniks will hold a "No War with Syria" rally.

Of course, with the White House working around the clock pressuring Congress to approve a strike, Saturday may be late.

A protest last week by some of the same organizers was covered by television news

Whether the U.S. chooses to act on the news that chemical weapons were used against the Syrian people, or not act and stay out of the conflict, either way it's a pretty sucky situation.

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Jferever Dilligaf Gonz
Jferever Dilligaf Gonz

Do you really think they give 2 shits about protests or peace rallies? I dont want war either but we dont have the power here

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

That would be a first for congress to get anything through that quick...so i think you are good

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