Marco Rubio Slammed by Gay Rights Group Over Blocking Judge's Nomination

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Equality Florida has slammed Sen. Marco Rubio for recently blocking Judge William Thomas' nomination to the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Thomas would have been the nation's first openly gay black judge -- which would be the trifecta of terrifying for Rubio & The GOPers.

A spokeswoman for Rubio said in a statement that Marco McThirstylips' concerns about Thomas included "questions about his judicial temperament and his willingness to impose appropriate criminal sentences."

Or, in laymen's terms: He's gay and black.

Funny enough, Rubio, along with Sen. Bill Nelson, actually backed President Obama's nomination of Thomas last year.

All that was left was for the confirmations by Nelson and Rubio.

But Rubio suddenly changed his mind.

Until Rubio's blockage, there were no concerns over Thomas' nomination. All indications are that his record has no blemishes and that he does his job well and carries out his profession as a fair and balanced judge.

But after seemingly losing the folks on the fringes who were none too happy about his handling immigration reform, Rubio is now trying to shuffle on back to the right and made a clearly political move. He cites one case Thomas presided over that, on the surface, seemed like too light of a sentence for a man convicted of killing a cyclist while drunk but really was considered a "careful judgment" by everyone involved, once the facts came in.

But what are facts when 2016 hangs in the balance and you've pissed off the very people who can hand you a nomination? Time for some panderin'! Old-school GOPer style!

"Once again, we see Senator Rubio playing politics when it comes to what's best for Florida," said Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida in a news release. "He is keeping a qualified nominee from the bench to appease extremists."

So in one fell swoop, Rubes was able to kill the two proverbial birds with the proverbial stone.

He's black AND gay? This blockage is a GOP'er's wet dream!

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I believe just the opposite--he was NOT playing politics but quite the contrary. If he were playing politics and thereby playing it "safe," he would have voted for someone he thought was unqualified just because he is black and gay and not subject himself to the racist attacks from the African American community, the progressive liberals and the Gays. It took more guts voting "no' than voting "yes" and standing up for his convictions and opinion that changed through time on Judge William Thomas.


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frankd4 topcommenter

...........statistically speaking being a south florida hispanic elected official oH RUbio ! has a mathematically measurable PROBABILITY of on day being criminally convicted so maybe he should reconsider the "willingness to impose appropriate (read STRICT) criminal sentences" part

otherwise this is purely a political CHEAP TRICK; bashing a group he doesn't get vote from anyhow, at the same time, PANDERING to the group that he DOES and DID get votes from

oH MArco ! ................ the shame of it

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