Marco Rubio Got Yelled at About Government Shutdown On a Plane

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In case you haven't heard, the U.S. government is about to shutdown as politicians fight about Obamacare and yell loud things at each other and do things that politicians generally do.

For the most part, people aren't happy about it.

And, on Monday, some took to going after Marco Rubio as he boarded a flight from Miami to D.C.

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According to the Miami Herald, passengers recognized Rubez and began giving him "an earful about the looming federal government shutdown being precipitated by Congress."

A source says Rubio tried to play it cool and pretend like it's all good -- kind of like when he lunged for a bottle of water on live T.V. when he was trying to play off how thirsty he was.

Rubio sought to downplay the issue and sympathize with constituents.

At one point, a flight attendant asked him if the partial government shutdown would, in fact, begin at midnight.

Rubio responded by calling the likely impasse "not really a shutdown, more of a slowdown -- but not a good way to do business."

Ah that Rubio. So good with words.

Meanwhile, the shutdown is looking more and more inevitable.

What would Rubio do if he were in charge, we wonder?

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Paul Sutherland
Paul Sutherland

Jeremy Jensen, the Republicans have been threatening a gov't shutdown since 2011. Mission Accomplished! Now What?

Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy Jensen

It's about time people including New Times start blaming the proper people. This lets blame the 51 tea party candidates carp need to stop. The real problem isn't the tea party or republicans but Obama and the democrats. But like the good speaker he is he is throwing full blame on 51 out of 500 people. Wake up the president and democratic party are lying and killing this country.

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

this jerk has cash to fly in A private plane they should have put him in the baggage department

riverrat69 topcommenter

@Jeremy Jensen 

Thanks for the info. Whod'a thunk it was the Democrats threatening to shut the government down. The teabag troglodytes are the GOOD guys.

By the way, Obamacare gets funded even if Cruz The Cooz  and Scoobie Rubio have their way and the government is shutdown. Choke on that.


@Joe Mason Maybe he does, but their transportation costs are paid for by the US Government. Would you rather foot the bill for his airfare or would you rather foot the bill for Nancy Peloci's private jet (which you do, by the way). That's right, you pay for Nancy Peloci to fly in a private jet from DC to CA and back every weekend at a cost of about $60,000 round trip. Glad our Rubios aren't all like Pelosi.

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