LeBron James Got Married This Weekend; Here Are Texts He Sent to a Miami Bikini Model Last Month

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Carmen Ortega
Wedding bells, tearful vows, big-ass diamonds, white doves, Beyoncé, etc: It was a big weekend for King James in San Diego, where he tied the knot with longtime gal pal and the mother of his two kids, Savannah Brinson. All the gossip sites online are going code red with happy tidbits from the wedding. But anyone with a short-term memory and a finger on the sleazier news pipelines will remember things are not all happy in the House of James.

Just last month, flirty texts between the basketball great and a Miami bikini model hit the web. And honestly, good thing James got hitched. Basketball great he might be, James' text message game is blah.

Bossip broke the news and also scored an interview with the object of James' affection, the POM bottle-shaped Carmen Ortega. Previously linked to Reggie Bush, Ortega first caught James' eye allegedly out on the town in Miami. He then scored her number and began firing hot lines like these her way:

"wish I could at least got a hug"


"we don't know when we'll c each other again. let's not waste this moment."

From Bossip:

How this is all relevant to James' nuptials is evident in comments Ortega says James made in the middle of their courtship (she also says nothing ever actually happened [got to work on those texts, dude]). Ortega:

"I know obviously that Lebron has been trying with me on that level. I even sent him a text like I heard you were engaged and he denied it like don't believe everything you read. So that's why I was leery. I don't really know your situation. He was like no worries; it's private."

Private. Right. Wow. Now, you might be thinking at this point -- maybe LeBron was just trying to be friends. Well...

"During dinner he was trying to hug me, trying to bring me closer to him. Basically, trying to be a little more than friends. He put his arm around me, brought me closer to him. I was sitting there uncomfortable," Ortega said. "It was offensive to me, him having a girl and doing that in front of his friends, it made me feel terrible. And when it was time to go, he wanted us to leave out of separate doors, like 'You leave out the front; I'll leave out the back.'"

LeBron hasn't really denied Ortega's claims, and even though nothing happened, here's a rare peek behind LeBron's Public Image LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike.


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Ali Haidar
Ali Haidar

fuck this horseface bitch "oh lebron thanks for dinner" "oh lebron if you were single all day kisses kisses" eggs him on then runs to tell on him typical whore.

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

He probably fucked this cumdumpster in her poopchute one time...

Myles Conner
Myles Conner

she said "kinda like you" who the hell does she think she is. she knows she was drooling over being with lebron. girls are so lame

Chris Cvnt
Chris Cvnt

Some people just shouldn't get married. That's all

Patty Oaks
Patty Oaks

Never heard of her.....till this. That is all.....

Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson

another episode if Tiger Woods is soon going to appear in the near future!


@Myles Conner Look again.  Look at him (uglier than pig feces) and then look at her.  

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