Hillsborough School Bus Driver Texting and Driving?

A Hillsborough school bus driver appears to be texting while driving as she was transporting students.

According to wptv.com, a 14-year-old student captured the moment on her camera phone and then showed it to her parents.

The video shows the driver apparently texting with one hand and holding the steering wheel with the other. The bus was reportedly packed with students. Yoinks.

Venus Cotto-Silva, the girl's mother, couldn't believe what she was looking at.

"You're supposed to get them from point A to point B in a safe condition. That's not safe at all," she said. "Not only are you going to kill a driver, you're going to kill the children on that bus."

The video was eventually shown to the Hillsborough County School District by wptv.com.

"Troubling," is the way District Spokesman Steve Hegarty described the video.

There's supposedly a policy that prohibits school bus drivers from texting while they drive, and the district is trying to identify the driver in the video.

But the girl's family says that a day after the district was shown the video, the bus driver was still behind the wheel, transporting kids.

Soon after that, however, she was put on "nonbus" duty while the district conducts an investigation.

There's probably not much the district can do, though.

Florida's texting and driving ban doesn't kick in until next year, and while there is a policy against it, the punishment will probably amount to just a slap on the wrist.

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Jennifer Nanni
Jennifer Nanni

Yes, but parents shouldn't do it either and when they do it they are only endangering their own kids(which is bad enough) This women is endangering a lot of peoples kids. Personally, I do not text and drive and I am sure there are moms out there that don't also.

Jason Cheseborough
Jason Cheseborough

I can hear the parental outrage now. While this is absolutely wrong, it's really no different then when a parent does it themselves. I can understand being angry about this; the driver is on the clock, it's your kid they're ferrying around town, but it's almost a pot calling a kettle black here when a a parent does the same thing on the way to Publix.

Joshua Robbins
Joshua Robbins

Everyday I see the bus drivers in my area on their cell phone. Pisses me off every time I see it! The state should fine whoever owns the buses & Im pretty sure you would see the end real quick.

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