Woman Sought in iPad Robbery After Selfies Appear on Victim's Computer

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A woman is being sought by Palm Beach Police after selfies that she took with an iPad she allegedly stole appeared on the victim's home computer.

The victim had his iPad and iPod stolen out of his car when he was dropping off his kids at South County Regional Park in Boca Raton on August 29.

But then, on September 12, the victim's wife suddenly saw some new photos popping up on her son's iTouch photo stream.

The photos were of a woman posing for selfies and sticking her tongue out. A lot.

The photos appeared at their home via the iCloud, a wireless server from Apple that people use to connect all their devices.

The iCloud is widely popular and common. Apparently, though, the Tongue Burglar isn't aware of it.

Now the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office is hot on Tongue Burglar's trail with the help of computer forensics.

Meanwhile, the victims have spread the photos throughout Facebook, which has gotten more than 330 shares so far.

You can see some of the photos below. (WARNING: Contains a lot of tongue):





Anyone who recognizes this tongue person is asked to contact Palm Beach Crime Stoppers at 561-684-6333.

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Bone Lee Tadpole
Bone Lee Tadpole

Hopefully she'll be popular with such nice tongue... In jail ;)

Tee Dub
Tee Dub

New Times doesnt care about its readers.

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