Florida Porn Stars Need to Wear More Condoms, AHF Complaint Says

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Sara Jay is a Miami-based porn star. The AHF says Florida porn stars need to use more condoms.
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has filed a new Health and Safety Complaint that basically says porn actors in Florida aren't wearing enough condoms when making their movies.

The AHF is on a crusade of sorts to get adult film actors to be more proactive in reducing the spread of STDs, including AIDS.

The suit was filed against San Diego Boy Productions under one of Florida's "Sanitary Nuisance" statutes.

The complaint comes after news of a porn actor in California recently testing positive for HIV.

California has an occupational safety and health division in the state. And as it were, when your job is making movies where you have lots and lots of sex, there is bound to be an occupational safety issue or two.

Florida, however, does not have such a division, which means porn stars are free to go willy-nilly on each other, but without much oversight.

What the state does have is the above-mentioned "sanitary nuisance" law. And the AHF believes that unprotected sex in a commercial setting should fall under the category of, well, for lack of a better term, a "sanitary nuisance:"

386.01 Sanitary nuisance.--A sanitary nuisance is the commission of any act, by an individual, municipality, organization, or corporation, or the keeping, maintaining, propagation, existence, or permission of anything, by an individual, municipality, organization, or corporation, by which the health or life of an individual, or the health or lives of individuals, may be threatened or impaired, or by which or through which, directly or indirectly, disease may be caused.

386.02 Duty of Department of Health.--The Department of Health, upon request of the proper authorities, or of any three responsible resident citizens, or whenever it may seem necessary to the department, shall investigate the sanitary condition of any city, town, or place in the state; and if, upon examination, the department shall ascertain the existence of any sanitary nuisance as herein defined, it shall serve notice upon the proper party or parties to remove or abate the said nuisance or, if necessary, proceed to remove or abate the said nuisance in the manner provided in s. 823.01.

Back in February of 2010, AHF submitted a complaint to the state, along with ten DVDs of porn films shot in Florida or by production companies based in Florida in which the actors failed to use protection.

That case is still pending, but the Florida Department of Health says it is investigating. But how long does it take to watch a porno to determine if the dude's are wearing condoms?

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Need to wear "more" condoms???  they need to wear condoms ..period.

saying they need to wear more condoms implies that they are wearing at least one condom, is this suggesting that the guy needs to have on 2 or more condoms at a time ?? :)

and why are they showing a picture of a female porn star in regards to condoms?

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