Broward Prostitution Ring Busted by BSO

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There are slightly fewer hookers walking around central Broward today, thanks to a sting operation by the Broward Sheriff's Office that netted a dozen suspects.

The sting was actually done with the cooperation of Broward residents, who helped cops nab the alleged streetwalkers and their alleged pimps.


According to police, five men and seven women were arrested on Friday during an early-morning sting by the BSO's Central Broward and Dania crime suppression teams.

Residents who live in the area between the 600 and 900 blocks of NW 27th Avenue in unincorporated central Broward had called police about the hookers turning tricks in their neighborhood.

And police were able to throw together their operation.

Operation 47 Op featured undercover cops soliciting prostitutes over a four-hour span in the area on Friday.

The operation netted the 12 suspects.

According to Broward Sheriff's Office spokesperson Gina Carter, the BSO couldn't have done it had residents not made a fuss over it.

"Open communication between law enforcement and the community is crucial to ensure that the needs of the residents of Broward County are met as they relate to public safety," Carter said.

So, just remember that the old Sesame Street song "People In Your Neighborhood" did not feature hookers in it. Live by this simple rule of thumb and you might spot one or two walking around your home too. And then you can help the cops.

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frankd4 topcommenter

funny how real police work seems to get done once scott rothstein has been convicted - really this is a shake-down by BSO for the street yield to pay a better return

for every twelve taken in another dozen or so PAID OFF BSO LEOs not to have their business interupted

BSO previously was owned by rothstein who bought BSO because BOS was "for sale"

with rothstein gone BSO has to resort back to street shake-downs

commenter8 topcommenter

No, legalize prostitution. It's already legal in Nevada.

icculus17 topcommenter

they might want to look at 6th Street just east of the tracks, and the rest of 6th

frankd4 topcommenter

just like PREDETORY TOWING in broward BSO is in on it as well (some spotters are off-duty BSO LEOs)

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is go to the BSO employee parking lot and you will notice vettes BMWs MBs and other late model vehicles NO ONE on a sheriffs salary could otherwise afford

FtLPD are no better of course but at least they are real cops instead of county "deputies"

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