Armed Intruder Reported on USF Campus in Tampa UPDATED

The University of South Florida is reporting that an armed intruder has been spotted near the College of Medicine in the USF Health Center.

Students have been advised to avoid the area.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that USF police got a call around 1:40 Friday afternoon about a man with a firearm who was seen jumping over a fence at the USF Health complex.

Update: After searching the campus, police say no gunman was found.

Original post:

Police immediately evacuated the school of medicine building.

There are no reports of any shots fired or any injuries.

The school's student newspaper, The Oracle, has been tweeting out updates since the news broke.

For now, Tampa Police are conducting a search for the man throughout the campus. Officers are walking through the USF Health building, sending personnel home.

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Supposebly neither were found because neither of them exists... More updates soon.


The suspect was supposably out to get the USF football team, but USF's football team hasn't been seen all season. Irregardless-ly, the police are searching for either the suspect or intended victims.

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