Sinkhole Collapses Resort Near Disney World

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A sinkhole collapsed a villa at the Summer Bay Resort near Disney World early Monday morning. The building is almost halfway in the hole, with another section of the villa sinking into the ground.

At around 3:00 a.m., witnesses reported hearing a cracking sound as the villa began to submerge into the ground. A large crack was spotted at the base of the building.

According to Lake County Fire Rescue, the sinkhole is around 15 feet deep and 60 feet wide.

When authorities arrived on the scene, they heard popping sounds as the building's windows began to burst as it sunk.

Nearby buildings and hotels lost power, according to the report.

The three-story villa, which is located in Clermont, about ten miles from Disney World, was quickly evacuated.

The sinkhole started in between two adjacent buildings in the resort. The resort is slightly tilted into the ground, has multiple large cracks and water leaking from within.

"I was just hearing all these noises banging and people screaming," said one resort guest. "The whole corner of the building was falling."

There were no injuries reported, and all guests were evacuated safely.

Sinkholes are nothing new to the state. And sometimes, they could be deadly.

Back in March, a Tampa man was killed when the home he was sleeping in collapsed into a 60-foot deep sinkhole. After several days of searching for the body, rescue efforts were halted and the home razed. Another, separate, sinkhole was discovered not far from that home.

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Kari B Gordon Geck
Kari B Gordon Geck

at least you didn't sleep here Sonya Costello & Kimberly Costanzo

frankd4 topcommenter

sinkholes will swallow florida overdevelopment - it how nature rolls when you mess with the natural order of things - as we suck water out of the FLORIDAN aquifer salty rainwater and sea and agricultural tainted run-off ooze in to corrode and dissolve the limestone creating gaping empty spaces below our developments of mcmansions - and insurance doesn't cover it

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