Meet Radomin Delgado: Owner of Ferrari in I-75 Hit-And-Run

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Delgado owns the Ferrari from the crash
Late Friday night, two Southwest Ranches men climbed into their Hyundai Sonata after a dinner with friends when a red Ferrari 430 Scuderia came out of nowhere and rear-ended their car, spinning it out of control on I-75, just north of Norhwest 138th Street in Miami-Dade County.

When the Sonata finally rolled to a stop, one of its passengers, 60-year-old Jorge Arrojas, was dead. While the other, Miguel Larrieu, 62, who'd been partners with Arrojas for decades, only suffered minor injuries, the Sun Sentinel reported.

But this sad story had more twists than an everyday tragedy.

The drivers steering the Ferrari sped off, without "rendering aid," according to an Florida Highway Patrol report, and abandoned his victims on the road to die.

Now, police have discovered the identity of the owner of that Ferrari: Radomin Delgado of Pembroke Pines. But he's not only lawyered up, he's also declined to talk with police, which means they've been left grasping for details.

But a few gaps in this narrative have been filled. It turns out, Delgado, a championship-winning sports car driver, really likes fast cars. Here a video that shows him racing his Ferrari F430 Scuderia in a 2009 racing competition:

The Sun Sentinel also reports that Delgado was slammed with a ticket in October of 2012 at 12:30 a.m. for going over 100 miles per hour on I-75 in a 2006 Porsche near Griffin Road.

Meanwhile, Delgado's Linkedin profile, which he's since taken down, lists some truly wonky computer and tech experience on his resume.

He has nearly two decades of experience in "development, design, implementation, and management of large scale IT applications and infrastructures." He's also an "expert," he says, in something called "Oracle Database Administration," as well as C++ and Java Programming.

It says he's a bit of a Renaissance man, having worked in industries from telecommunications to government, from pharmaceuticals to the auto industry.

But that last part is the one that likely interests the cops most.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Has he fled the country yet? Back to Brazil?

riverrat69 topcommenter

Do Ferraris have EDRs? Most newer cars do.

icculus17 topcommenter

this is complete BS, the cops get paid for what?  The crash happens, no driver is there, you run the plates and registration, you get a name and an address and YOU GO TO THEIR HOUSE.  If the car had airbags deployed, there would be signs of that on the driver of the car.  You do that right away, you don't wait until the evidence vanishes.

But you know, a cop sees a fancy sports car and they figure, better not mess with the owner or my butt will be the one in trouble


as posted in the SS, 

if you flee a homicide traffic accident the worst you get is 2 years.

if its a DUI homicide minimum is 4 years....

if John Goodman would have  called a friend to pick him up, he would have served his time by now.  (traffic homicide - only)


I would call it a hate crime just to stir the pot.

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