Pembroke Pines Man Punched Two Men, Kicked Their Dog While Yelling Obscenities About Their Cuban Nationality

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A Pembroke Pines man with multiple aliases was arrested for allegedly punching two Cuban men, kicking their dog, and yelling obscenities about their nationality, police say.

Alexander Gomez-Jimenez, 30, who reports say has a long rap sheet that goes back as far as 1999, allegedly approached the two men on Sunday and started yelling, "You stupid Cubans! I hate Cubans!" before kicking the dog so hard it yelped in pain.

Gomez-Jimenez then punched the men in the face.

He also claimed that if he broke his right arm, he'd then be a paraplegic. Therefore, it couldn't possibly be him that punched the two Cubans in the face.

According to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement report, Gomez-Jimenez has been arrested more than two dozen times, including once for brawling and another time for impersonating someone else.

When he faced the judge on Monday, Gomez-Jimenez told the court that he could not have done what he stands accused of doing because, as he says, he is disabled.

"Your honor, I am handicapped," Gomez-Jimenez told Judge John "Jay" Hurley. "I wouldn't attack two Cubans and a dog, your honor."

He also claimed that he was "brutally" beaten by the men.

According to the report, Gomez-Jimenez, whose nationality is unknown, approached the two men as they walked their 50-pound boxer along the 2200 block of Buttonwood Avenue. That's when he began yelling and attacked them and their dog.

The two men suffered minor facial injuries, and the dog appeared to be unharmed.

Gomez-Jimenez was charged with two counts of battery, including "hate crime," which could land him in prison for up to a year, if convicted.

He was also charged with one count of animal cruelty.

Because of his many arrests, Hurley ordered that Gomez-Jimenez be held in jail with no bond.

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oye, este pendejo esta bravo porque un cubano cogio a su madre, jajaja.

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

now Danny is the spelling police

Danny Morin
Danny Morin

I'm not defending anyone chief. Learn to use punctuation. It makes you appear moronic when you structure your sentences like a third grader.

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

I'm White to begin with you beat up someone because of their skin color you are A racist as you are Danny for defending this pig you must be A trailer park racist I was talking about

Danny Morin
Danny Morin

Irony: calling someone racist while demonstrating your own prejudices.....well played sir.....

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

welcome to Florida where all the racist trailer trash republicans live

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