Tamarac Man Says Commissioner Atkins-Grad Threw Water at Him; He Intends to Press Charges UPDATED

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courtesy Sharon Aron Baron

Update: According to the incident report, the reporting officer writes that Atkins-Grad called the family walking by wearing light green shirts "white trash that were trying to get her removed from office." Also according to the report, Atkins-Grad "shouted at them that they would burn in hell for what they were trying to do."

See a copy of the incident report below.

Last night, the Broward Sheriff's Office hosted a "Night Out Against Crime" at its district office in Tamarac. So it was super awkward when city commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad was accused of assaulting a city resident right there at the event, by throwing water at him.

Kevin Muscolino says he had never been heavily involved in politics until recently. "I've probably been to two city commission meetings in 20 years," he says. But this year, he has been at the forefront of a movement to get the commissioner recalled after she was found not guilty of bribery-related charges with a defense that she was too dumb to understand she was being bribed.

"I will happily give you a rundown of what happened" last night, said Muscolino, reached by telephone this morning. He says he arrived at the sheriff's event with his wife and daughter. He and his daughter were wearing lime green t-shirts that read, "Recall Patte Atkins-Grad. Sign the Petition."

"We weren't soliciting anyone. We had just gotten there," he said. "We walked through a swale area. My daughter said, 'Oh my God, there's Patte Atkins.' Mind you, I haven't spoken to this woman other than running into her at Quiznos six years ago. She came up and threw the entire contents of her water bottle at me and screamed wildly, 'I hope you rot in hell, coming here with your daughter in those damn t-shirts. I've never done anything to you!'

Muscolino continued, "In a moment of rage, I wanted to grab her by the neck, but realizing that wasn't the best thing to do, I [got an officer instead]." The first officer was reluctant to take a report, Muscolino says, even though "I'm soaking wet! I'm covered in water!" so he had to ask a higher-ranking officer. He says that as soon as the incident report is ready, he will take it to the state attorney. "I fully intend to file charges against her," he said.

Sharon Aron Baron, who runs the website Tamarac Talk, says she witnessed the incident. She first reported it on her blog.

From Baron's blog:

courtesy Sharon Aron Baron
The Muscolino family

"We were in a grass swale and had just gotten there, next thing I know Atkins-Grad is charging at me yelling, 'You're going to rot in hell for bringing that child out here in that shirt!' Referring to recall shirt we were wearing, and yelling 'What did I ever do to you? I've done nothing to ever deserve this!'" - Kevin Muscolino

Muscolino tried to talk to her, but then she threw her water bottle at him. Water drenched his glasses, face and shirt, and some got on his daughter.

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