Mother-Daughter Escort Team: The Online Ad That Led to Their Arrest

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Ramoutar, left, and Sinanan
Mother-daugther duo Ramona Ramoutar, 42 and Daniella Sinanan, 24, were arrested on charges of solicitation of prostitution once in July and then again on Tuesday. Tuesday's arrest came with an additional charge for possession of drug paraphenalia.

According to reports, Boynton Beach police had received complaints from neighbors about possible illegal activity at the house.

Police staked out the home and saw men coming and going. One told them he had paid $100 to have sex with the two women. Online, police found an ad advertising "SPECIALS* Angel & Jazmine 2 For 1 Call NOW!" and called the number.

After staking out the house, one officer made an appointment for the "special," gave the women $100, said he had to return to his car for $50 more, and then arrested them.

Police say they still continued to receive complaints about the duo, so a weeks later, they set another appointment with the women. The ladies backed out before the scheduled rendezvous, but were arrested anyway. Police say they found needles and a glass pipe at the home.

Court records show both women have been involved in domestic violence incidents in Palm Beach County, and an eviction is pending against them.

We found their original ad on Calls to the numbers listed in the ad were not answered and went to voicemail.


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It's funny that prostitution is still illegal, I guess the government wants something to blame people for sex trafficking. Rather than ask help from people who work in the industry. Must not have seen

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

Here is their problem

they need to be teachers in the classroom first

then when they f up

its no jail and porno sites calling you for the big bucks!!

Alex Henderson
Alex Henderson

Can we agree how funny it is that you googled how to take a screen shot before doing so....just saying =) (we've all done it)

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