Florida Sheriff Doesn't Want Ludacris to Perform Because He Says the "N-Word" Too Much

Bradshaw responded via email basically saying that he doesn't necessarily agree with Ludacris on things, that it was the student's idea to invite the artist to the concert and that everyone should relax and have a good time.

"As a university president -- black or white -- periodically there are expressed views related to students and faculty that the president doesn't personally or professionally sanction or share," Bradshaw wrote in the email. "In this case, our students indicated a strong interest in inviting these performers to Eaglepalooza, and our staff assures me they are doing everything possible to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for the attendees."

Bradshaw's message was simply: as long as everyone has a good time, and nobody breaks the law or gets hurt, let's just chill and let the students have their show with the artist of their choosing.

Scott's retort was basically that hip-hop is the reason he has to use a lot more cops for security than he would for, say, Carrie Underwood.

"We are not going to waltz out there like we would for a baseball game or a Carrie Underwood concert," Scott said. "I can guarantee you that."

Scott can guarantee you that bad things never happen at Country music shows!

"There isn't any other kind of music out there, not country, not Top 40, that uses this constant barrage of profanity," he said. "It is against everything everyone stands for. And we are going to clap for it at a county park under the auspices of FGCU, I am completely befuddled. It doesn't make sense."

A middle aged white guy befuddled by hip-hop? SHOCKING.

"I am not saying I am refusing the event but I hope they understand that public safety is our first concern," Scott added.

So, there you have it. It's all about public safety, you see. Because Ludacris uses the word "bitch" in his songs.

Apparently, there's going to be rioting and destruction and chaos and anarchy at Eaglepalooza because this hippity-hop guy says the N-word a lot and likes to sing about hoes.

By the way, last year the concert headliner was rapper Wiz Khalifa, who is pretty much known for how much he really loves weed.



Tickets for Eaglepalooza go on sale September 13 for students, and to the public one week later.

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If I wasn't half Caucasian my initial response would be "N-word please!"

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