Florida Panthers Owner Invested in Porn Site That Never Was, Suit Claims

Jordan Zimmerman, co-owner of the Florida Panthers hockey team, has apparently filed a lawsuit because he invested in a company he thought was a producer of porn websites, but ended up being something else.

According to a report by Gossip Extra, Zimmerman and philanthropist Al Malnik have filed a joint lawsuit to try and get their money back from a company with thousands of XXX-rated websites.

The men are claiming in a suit filed in a Palm Beach County circuit court that they gave Boca Raton businessmen Marc Bell and Dan Staton a cool million bucks each as an investment for his FriendFinder sites.

The sites cater to millions of users looking for specific hookups, ranging from Jewish singles looking for other Jewish singles, to people looking to satisfy certain sexual fetishes and swinger hookups.

According to the report, however, Bell and Staton put Zimmerman and Malnik's investment into a different company they tried, and failed, to purchase.

"It was bait and switch," said David Goldstein, the plaintiffs' lawyer. "They were investing in FriendFinder, and they ended up unknowingly investing somewhere else. They just want their money back."

The suit says that the agreement was that Zimmerman and Malnik were to receive a certain percentage in interest if certain conditions were met.

But, they say, their investment went kaput along with Bell and Staton's bad business decision. Zimmerman and Malnik claim to never even have heard of this company the Boca Raton business moguls were planning to buy with their money.

Bell and Staton's attorney, Gerry Richman, says that this is just a simple case of Zimmerman and Malnik diving into something without looking at the fine print, and that there was not devious deception. Just plain ol' bad luck.

So now the Panthers won't be able to use all that porn money to get star NHL free agents this offseason.

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Three very shady individuals to begin with. Zimmerman, a notorious sleaze, who carries on multiple affairs at a time. Bell, owner of Penthouse who hosts swing parties in Woodfield Country Club and that old decrepit Malnik who has the largest most gaudiest looking home in Boynton Beach, is also an opportunist weasel and responsible for giving that hack Brett Ratner a career.

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