Dolphins Fans Start #DolphinsSitcoms Hashtag on Twitter; Hilarity Ensues

Twitter. It's made for comedy gold.

The Miami Dolphins. Also made for comedy gold.

So it's only natural to combine the two.

And that's exactly what Dolphins fans have decided to do on this work-weary hump day.

To celebrate the Fins' perpetual mediocrity, Dolphins fans @ben01 playfully tweeted about the team's quarterback situation and hashtagged it #DolphinsSitcoms. And, sure enough, an avalanche of funny shit followed.

"I said that I felt [QB] Pat Devlin would get cut leaving us with 'Tanny & The Puppet,'" @ben01 told New Times, referencing Ryan Tannehill and backup QB Matt "The Puppet" Moore.

"Sounded like a sitcom name."

You can see the entire thread here.

After the jump, you can see our Top 15 favorites.

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