Dirty Blondes' Old Yelp Reviews Complain About Bouncers, Management; Good Bloody Marys, Though

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It's a big fat understatement to say it's been a tough week for Dirty Blondes. Ever since video leaked of the Fort Lauderdale beach bar's security delivering a vicious Rodney King-style slamming to patrons, the establishment has been fielding a lot of ill will.

Nowhere is that more evident than on Yelp, the Internet's Bible of crowd-sourced food reviews. But if you wade into what patrons have to say about Blondes, a lot of the comments -- many stemming from before the Brawl Seen 'Round the World -- echo similar issues with the bar's staff and management.

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The run of complaints is particularly important in light of the statement this week from AJ Yaari. The bar's owner made it clear "We do not and will not condone these types of actions within the confines of our business or anywhere for that matter." Yaari fired the bouncers involved in the beat down and also promised to beef up security.

But if you take your cues from Yelp, issues with the staff are endemic. And we're not talking about the usual online cry babying about a place being a "dive" or "dirty." These complaints are all mostly about the attitude and behavior of Blondes' staff.

These first reviews are all time-stamped after the beat down video was publicized on July 29th, probably part of the bad PR-pile-up that followed the viral outrage.




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frankd4 topcommenter


so now in addition to PREDITORY TOWING,  we have hired GOONs on the loose on the BEACH, beating on patrons, and followed by the PRIDE of LIQUORDALEs finest on-the-take KEYSTONE COPs, "investigating the incident", and arresting the wrong people

i would love to have access to that INITIAL police REPORT and compare it to the after-the-viral-video REDACTED new report 

so.................... AFTER years and years of "re-building" the BEACH the project is complete - it's a BOWERY !..............THANKS TO the broward county commission and the MAYOR and the GREATER ft liquordale TOURIST and CONVENTION bureau for taking credit for allowing this lifestyle to come to the beach to MIX ALCOHOL SAND and DIRTY felony FIGHTing

why not have saved all that money spent on marketing and promotion and new sidewalks and UPGRADEs and just left it HOMELESSVILLE where at least it was SAFE for residents and visiting TOURISTs with their families with little children .....the worst that would happen is you would get a parking ticket or be overcharged for a beach t-shirt .......... TODAY you'll have your car TOWED even if it is legally parked and get JUMPED from behind, sucker-punched and stomped on while you're on the ground WHILE ALL the KIDS nearby can watch AND THEN YOU'LL GET ARRESTED

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