David Herr, Tow Truck Driver Gunned Down on the Job, Honored by Caravan

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Over 100 tow trucks staged a memorial caravan on Sunday to honor slain colleague David Herr.

Herr, 36, was shot and killed on Tuesday by the owner of a vehicle after he tried to tow away illegally parked car.

In a moment of somber solidarity, Herr's fellow tow truck drivers lined up and drove about ten miles from All County Towing's Fort Lauderdale yard to Heritage Park Duck Pond in Plantation to honor their fallen comrade.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the manager at the St. Croix Apartment complex, located at 4150 NW 34th St., contacted All County Towing to send trucks to remove vehicles that were parked illegally on the property.

The company sent three trucks to the location, including one driven by Herr.

Once there, Herr began to tow a gold-colored 2001 Jaguar, police say.

The car's owner, a man later identified by Broward Sheriff's deputies as Triston Johnson, 31, apparently confronted Herr and demanded that he not tow away his vehicle.

According to a BSO report, the man pulled a gun and shot Herr several times, including in the head.

Deputies arriving on the scene were then confronted by the suspect, who began shooting at them.

According to the BSO, at least one deputy returned fire, injuring the suspect. Johnson was airlifted to Broward Health Medical Center.

He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder.

The memorial procession on Sunday included friends, co-workers, and drivers from competing tow truck companies.

Herr's 13-year old daughter Kayleigh was also in attendance.

"I am really shocked to see this many people here today," she told the Sun-Sentinel. "He had such a bigger family than just us."

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There is and was video on all tow trucks. Once that is seen... ITS OVER. My he not rott in jail but something tragic happen to him. He took away a good man that never have i seen with  my family being in the towing industry for over 33 years seen so many people come together for Dave Herr. He is going to be missed. The phone calls with  my brother and myself and the family tiffs. Not a day has passed that we havent fogotten about him and who he was.


The tragedy will be when the lawyer try to use the stand you ground defense to get his client off. This guy needs mental help, and to be put away till he gets it.

SethPlatt topcommenter

That caravan rolled past me. It was a very impressive outpouring of support.  Very admirable from a profession that rarely receives any appreciation.


Arm yourselves....

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