Chris Bosh Is a Raptor in a Videogame

Chris Bosh is half-man, half-raptor.

We already knew this.

But now the fine folks at 2K Sports have brought that to life by making Chris Bosh an actual raptor in their NBA2K13 videogame.

And it is the most awesome/amazing/terrifying thing you'll ever see.

The video showcasing the VelociBosh is backed by a goofy soundtrack, which seems to appropriately match the lovable Heat star.

Except that he's an eight-foot raptor who can't seem to get a grip on the fundamentals of basketball.

But, as the video rolls on, Bosh gets the hang of it and starts to dominate. JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE.

It's all very awesome -- even if it will prevent you from sleeping for a couple of weeks.

Chris Bosh, two-time world champion, intergalactic space captain, Master Video Bomber, and RAPTOR, continues to be immortalized by his sheer unadulterated amazeballsness.



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