Celine Dion Lists Jupiter Island Home With Water Park for $72.5 million

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Hey, got an extra $70-plus million lying around?

Because Celine Dion has put her giant Jupiter Island property/water park/mansion on the market and is asking $72.5 million for it. Cheap!

What does a plethora of middling and annoying Canadian pop songs buy you? Why, a luxurious Bahamian-inspired estate with a tennis court, a simulated golf range, a pool house with a full kitchen and beach house with a massage room, five pavilions, a four-bedroom guest house, 415 feet of ocean frontage, three swimming pools, and a small personal water park that includes a lazy river!

Also, celebrity neighbors such as Tiger Woods and Greg "The Shark" Norman.

At one point, her neighbors got all mad at Dion because the water park stuck out over the tree line. Sacre bleu!

You can check out the listing here. And check out some photos of the property after the jump.



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Interests rate are at historic lows .. so hurry up before they go up.


I'll Give her $1.00 for it 

Michael Mariano
Michael Mariano

I could pay for 300 of my homes for that! Kind of disgusting when you put it into perspective!

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