Broward Health Nurse Forced Patient to Perform Oral Sex on Him Twice, Cops Say

(Broward Sheriff's Office)
A Broward Health nurse allegedly sexually abused a female patient by forcing her to perform oral sex on him twice.

Fort Lauderdale police arrested David Paul Lazarus, 42, after the victim says he drugged her and forced her to perform the sexual acts, with intent on abusing her a third time.

The unidentified victim told police that, although she did not want to perform the acts on Lazarus, she was on medication that made her very sleepy.

According to the arrest report, Lazarus -- who was not even initially the victim's nurse -- met the victim on the evening of June 14 and offered to take her outside for a smoke.

Lazarus then allegedly began talking to the victim about her past drug abuse and asked her if the meds she was on were working.

He then gave her two syringes of what he claimed to be morphine and 40 milligrams of Oxycontin, according to the report.

The victim took the medication Lazarus gave her and was led back to her room. Once there, Lazarus closed the door and the room's curtains and forced her to perform oral sex on him. He told her it would be quick, the report says.

Drugge- up and sleepy, the victim resisted, to no avail.

In an extreme case of really crappy coincidence, when she returned to the hospital a couple of days later to treat her kidney stones, Lazarus was assigned to be her nurse.

She says he offered to give her a larger amount of pain medicine at one time. He gave her a large dose of Dilaudid.

The victim, fresh out of rehab, did not want the drugs but was given them anyway.

When the Dilaudid took effect, Lazarus once again forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Following the second incident, she called police.

Detectives asked her to call Lazarus and arrange for him to meet her on Wednesday and bring her some drugs.

The ruse worked, and Lazarus agreed.

When he showed up to meet the victim, he was met instead by cops, who promptly arrested Lazarus, who had with him the drugs he had promised.

The victim contacted police and called him at the request of detectives. During the calls, Lazarus admitted to knowing the victim and agreed to bring "something" when she asked him to bring drugs, the report said.

Lazarus told police that, while he did flirt with the victim over the phone and clearly agreed to meet her, he never had any kind of sexual contact with her.

He was arrested on two counts of sexual battery and is being held at the Broward County Main Jail without bond.

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The Girl was just out of Rehab??? She sounds like someone Looking For Opiates! I wouldn't be surprised if she Offered oral sex for Drugs!!! I know many girls who would!!

Joe Mason
Joe Mason

Rick Scott's New health plan


Who can you trust now in days.... NO-1 of course!

Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips

Where is Reverend Al and Jessie's moral outrage? Obama to give press conference?

Tam My
Tam My

Which hospital did this take place at

Sara Marks
Sara Marks

"it will be quick and it will taste like curry"

Joel Kodner
Joel Kodner

Boy, the cost of health care is out of control.

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