Dirty Blondes' Bouncer Arrested For Allegedly Beating Alex Coelho

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Police arrest the bouncer who allegedly did this
One of the bouncers who savagely battered a Dirty Blonde's patron and incited sweeping outrage across South Florida has been arrested, Fort Lauderdale police reported this morning.

Authorities have charged Arnald Thomas Darrah, 29, of Oakland Park, with one felony count of battery.

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Another bouncer, Jovan Ralfhel Dean, who police say was also involved in the incident, will be charged with misdemeanor battery. That charge will be filed by David Parker with the State Attorney's Office. According to an Instagram video that shows the melee and quickly went viral early last week, Dean grabbed Parker from behind, shouted "Have a nice day!" and threw him to the ground.

The more disturbing violence, police say, was inflicted by Thomas-Darrah. In the video, the heavily-muscled bouncer repeatedly punched Alex Coelho, 29, in the face and then, after Coelho had collapsed, stomped him in the head.

Almost a week later, on Friday, Coelho contacted Fort Lauderdale police and entered a full report of the incident, and positively identified the bouncers involved. Afterward, police traveled to the Oakland Park residence of Thomas-Darrah and arrested him.

Coelho has netted widespread support on the Facebook page Boycott Dirty Blondes.

Court records show this isn't the first time either has been charged with a crime. In June of 2001, the State Attorney's Office filed one felony charge of domestic battery against Jovan Dean -- but those charges were quickly dismissed.

On May 5, 2005, Thomas-Darrah was charged with operating a vehicle without a license, and pleaded guilty to the offense.

New Times will update this story as more information becomes available.

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Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott

Those bouncers are fucking assholes. They had NO right to pummel the other 2 asshole patrons - who were OUTSIDE the bar - no matter how much shit they talked, they have as much right to say whatever they want - remember "freedom of speech?" I hope Blondies and the bouncers get sued.


Good!  Send that worthless thug to prison!

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