Boynton Beach Police's Wild Christmas Party: Threesome Propositions and Fights

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Last December at an agency Christmas party, Boynton Beach cop Drew Murphy allegedly laid down one of the flyest pickup lines this side of the Fresh Prince on a fellow cop and his wife: "What's the matter," he told Troy and Alison Raines, "you guys don't want to have crazy sex with us?"

According to a report in the Sun Sentinel, which obtained an internal investigation on the matter, the answer was -- surprisingly! -- no.

The Sun-Sentinel was looking into what happened at last year's infamous police department Christmas party, which ended "with 'crazy sex' invitations, a high heel flying out the door and a foyer full of cops breaking up a fight among their own," according to the story.

The newspaper reported that an internal affairs investigation followed the wild party. The investigation lasted seven months and resulted in no punishment for any officers involved. The most damning conclusion was that Murphy "behaved in a manner unbecoming an officer and lied to investigators that he was punched in the face," the Sentinel reported, but he and Troy Raines both remain employed with the police department.

The investigation revealed that Murphy and Raines have longstanding tensions because Murphy in 2007 brought up the fact that Alison Raines, a former employee of the Florida Department of Children and Families, stripped naked on the Howard Stern Show in 2006. (She was fired afterward.)

Expanding on this tidbit, New Times, plunged deep into Howard Stern catacombs to unearth the relevant material. And indeed, on April 4, 2006, Alison Raines -- who was then known as Alison Cushman -- went on the Howard Stern Show for a rather unusual scenario.

According to pictures found in theHoward Stern archives, Alison Raines had appeared on the show once before. In the meantime she had set out to lose 39 pounds. She was back on the show to prove her weight loss -- and Stern requested she strip naked so he could judge her success.

Howard was refined in his criticism: "Howard commented, once Alison was naked, that she'd 'lost some of the saddlebags on her sides' and that her stomach and breasts looked great, as he thought they did before. Howard also mentioned that Alison's rear end looked 'better.'"

But one test remained. Alison Cushman still had to mount the scale in front of everyone.

Though she claimed to weigh 138 pounds, she weighed in at 142 pounds. Stern told her her thighs and rear end were "still lumpy." But he told her to never give up. One day, Stern ventured, she may even "reach the 125-pound plateau."

He even went so far as to comment that she was "on the verge of being extremely hot" -- though "big changes on the bottom half of her body" were, in fact, necessary.

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