Local Lawyer Plotting Run for Judge Once Thrown Off Case for "Laughing" at Dick Pics at a Dunkin' Donuts

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Dick jokes are always funny
Four lawyers were squeezed around a table at a crowded Dunkin' Donuts near Nova Southeastern University's campus last year when strange happenings began to occur.

They'd met to conduct depositions at -- yes, apparently -- a Dunkin' Donuts, and one of the attorneys, a dark-haired lawyer named Richard Celler, was wearing a T-shirt and shorts to "gain a psychological advantage," according to court records.

Celler, a labor attorney for Morgan & Morgan -- "for the people" -- then took out a piece of paper.

And shit got wild.

He drew a picture of a dick and showed it to his associate, a blond-haired 30-something named Stacey Shulman. She allegedly "laughed quite a few times" after Celler compared the drawing to opposing counsel, who were defending Aventura Limousine & Transportation Services Inc. in a class-action case.

"This is typical Richard [Celler]," Shulman told the mystified attorneys, records show. "This is what he does at these sort of things."


Celler, who boasted of a "27-0" record and "taunted" the other attorneys, also apparently plays a lot of Angry Bird while conducting depositions at Dunkin' Donuts.

"He admitted it aloud and was bragging that he had just beaten somebody in
Minnesota at the game during the deposition," affirmed attorney Scott Tinkler, who was on the case.

And, because this is Broward County, after a U.S. District Judge booted both Schulman and Celler off the case, Schulman seemingly decided there was only one possible course of action.

Public office.

The 36-year-old hasn't filed for a county judge's seat yet, but told Broward Beat over the weekend she's planning to announce her candidacy for the next open slot before the end of the summer. She also told the political blogger she won't run against an incumbent.

Which means, keep your pads of paper at the ready, Broward attorneys. Because if you're up against some intractable force before her bench, draw a penis. And show it 'round.

That seems to work wonders on this one.

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Apparently. the dick pic in question has gone MIA.

Time I say for a cock lineup!

Though, as the penis was Caucasian, those who would skew the lineup (say like by black brothers and myself) need not to be included in the CockPerpWalk.

Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron

Her credentials far outweigh making fun of one silly incident. She's well qualified for the judicial position in my book.

Susan Glenn
Susan Glenn

I've laughed at a few penises and it hasn't been my undoing.

Michael Gouker
Michael Gouker

What has this to do with the Grateful Dead and Dick Latvala? #dontyouknowwhatarealdickpickis



She was at a meeting where her BOSS behaved poorly?  what else am I missing?  

nowhere does this article say she used poor judgment.  only her BOSS.    

New Times holds us to the standards of others we work for?    what kind of logic is this ?


@Hayley Maness Fust 

What was unprofessional?  not getting fired by  ignoring your bosses bad behavior?

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