Pat Flury, Longtime Dania Beach Commissioner, Resigns Over Dick Drawing

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Pat Flury forced out by penis drawing
Longtime Dania Beach Commissioner Pat Flury, who resigned several weeks ago after excoriating an unknown "stalker" at a public meeting, just gave a clearer reason for her departure.

It wasn't because of that "stalker," though he seemed to have played a part.

It also didn't involve allegations that she wasn't actually living in Dania Beach but in Fort Lauderdale.

Nope, it was because of a penis drawing.

According to the Sun Sentinel:

Flury, 76, says she quit after local blogger Chaz Stevens posted photos of her on his website wearing fake glasses with a penis nose.

"I thought, why am I doing this?" she said. "I don't have a big ego. I don't need the money. I don't need the power."

Flury, who served as a commissioner from 2001 until 2009 and was again reelected in 2011, has recently come under criticism over accusations she hasn't been living among her constituents in Dania Beach. She is just one local legislator to recently be mired in such scandal: Local state Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, has also taken a beating over the issue.

According to the Concerned Citizens of Dania Beach: "Flury changed her driver's license, her voter registration, mailing address etc. to make it look like she lived here but EVERYONE knew she didn't. What she did do was rent a furnished town home in Dania Beach and called that her "bona fide" residence, but NEVER stayed there."

This sort of oversight spooked Flury. At her resignation several weeks ago, she referred repeatedly to a "stalker" who "always has his camera ready" and "has a gun." She says he lurks outside her house, and she lives in fear. (The stalker, it turns out, is political opponent Patrick Phillips, who'd been filming her coming and going from her house.)

But now, Flury reports, her real reason for quitting came back to a drawing of a dong. On her nose. While she was wearing fake glasses.

Like him or hate him, the author of said dong drawing, Chaz Stevens, an irascible blogger in Deerfield Beach, is at least consistent. If you're elected to office in Broward County, you will, at one time or another, have a penis superimposed onto your face by this blogger. It's disgusting, crude, and totally offensive.

And, incredibly, it just forced an elected official out of office.


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frankd4 topcommenter

so what  ?

does anyone really think that getting rid of ONE self-absorbed egotistical political hack will make any difference  ?

this is and always will be a  b a n a n a   r e p u b l i c  run by a network of crooks to screw visitors and guests for the benefit of a few good ole boys who would completely pave over the everglades and dump untreated waste in the ocean for a FAST BUCK - the year round residents who require public services could matter less because it's the TOURISTs who grease the wheels here - the tourist's DON'T VOTE and the tourist's get wacked by county sales tax upon county use tax on EVERYTHING they buy and also quietly PAY THEIR PARKING TICKET violations and leave - period

as long as these commissioners can keep sucking the life out of visitors without recourse it will not matter who is in local government

frankd4 topcommenter

i think it's more like she got her portion of the margarita kick-back pay-off bribe so what goes on in the future can only be negative - the check cleared so she's gone


The real credit for the takedown of Pat Flury, goes to Lisa Duke, the joined at the hip spouse of Walter Duke, mayor of Dania Beach. Lisa contracted with Patrick Phipps to video tape Flury (see youtube under Dania Beach), then paid Chaz Stevens to publish the videotapes and letters from Phipps on his blog,  Their next proclaimed victims are the city attorney and the city manager.  I don't know what Chaz will draw on their faces, one can only ask Lisa for suggestions.  The Dukes have vast experience with living out of district.  When Walter ran for office he did not live in Dania Beach.  For several years, they pretended to rent an apartment in Dania from a fireman (Lisa LOVES firemen).  Today on Lisa's Facebook page, she praises Tom Lauder for his investigative skills. He is another "writer" who takes donations. The Dukes are bottom feeders who are masterful at glossing over their image. 


Although Chaz has been a great gadfly for corrupt politicians, I am having a hard time  giving him kudos with this one. Maybe its because I am a woman, or that I have a 76 year old grandmother, I am troubled that a man (even Chaz Stevens) can photoshop a penis onto a 76 year old woman's face because he thinks she is guilty of a crime. When did this become "Okay"? Had he done this to someone's grandmama here in Overtown, Chaz would have been shot. Period. You just don't disrespect an elderly black woman (especially someone's grandmama) like that 'round here. Guilty of a crime or not.

Even in Florida's prison system, they leave the elderly felons with a little bit of dignity in their final years. Comm. Flury's alleged crime is only a misdemeanor. Everyone is posting "high fives" or "Kudos" to Chaz. How could you celebrate the humiliation and degregation of a 76 old? Deriving pleasure from some one's humiliation/degreation is the very definition of a sadist.  In the future, do not be surprised if Chaz photoshops a penis to a future female president or president's daughter, if he believes they are  guilty of a misdemeanor. You are encouraging him with your praises.

Mike Worley
Mike Worley

Probably not. I would resign, however, if I wasn't living in the city whose city council I'm an elected member of...

Tamarac Talk
Tamarac Talk

If that's what it takes....nothing else worked


@Chaz Stevens - nice work. It looks to me to be an easy case to prove. The ASA in Broward spends inordinate resources attacking poor black people for crack stem cases so lets see if they are actually ethical and will prosecute something that blatantly illegal and unethical. As a criminal lawyer I strongly think they should based on the evidence, as crime and politics have to be reduced here in South Florida.



Props for the story!

One matter seems to have gone unanswered though...

If McPenisFaceFlurry didn't need do this for the ego, money, or power, then why did she go to all this extreme?  


Keep in mind, two weeks after she quit (three weeks after I filed a criminal complaint), she took ownership of her home in Lauderdale.

Oh, that home!

The very home she didn't live in.

Sha right.


That criminal complaint of mine alleges malfesance and theft through conversion.  If  McPenisFaceFlurry didn't live in Dania, she had no right collecting a salary, benefits, etc.

She stole and I hope the SAO holds her accountable.


This week, the SAO is taking sworn statements regarding my complaint involving Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Eric Haynes. Identical complaint to that of McPenisFaceFlurry's. In Haynes' case, he supposedly lives in a vacant lot.

Yeah, good luck with that.


Like Sylvia Poitier, McPenisFaceFlurry was used to dealing with the politics of the 1980s.  Welcome to the InterWebs.


Look, about the penis picture.

a) It's very funny in a very sophomoric way.
b) It makes a statement, though I am not sure exactly what statement that is.
c) Art is supposed to evoke emotion.  Even poorly executed art.

In the end, if you are in power, I will (as G. Washington said) trust you less and hold you to a higher standard.

McPenisFaceFlurry joins my ever-growing long list of corrupted elected shitbirds who've I help get tossed from office.

After all, I was the 2010 New Times Broward Palm Beach Gadfly of the Year, and with good reason -- photoshopped dick pics or not.


@mcgilla1950 You speak with such conviction!  If only your facts were credible.

To wit:

1. No one paid me anything to write about McFlury.  If you did even a drop of due diligence, you'd have learned I am all about busting shitty corrupt politicians.

2. And what about others (Norman, Nevins, De Fede) who wrote stories?  Are we to infer they're also on the Mayor's payroll?

As I said before, the good guys (and girls) won here.  Better luck next time, and by next time I mean when the SAO comes a callin' for McPenisFaceFlury.



Chaz is only following in the footsteps of the stalker, Patrick Phipps. Phipps has stalked at least 3 older women previously.  Rumor has it that he is stalking another older woman in Dania Beach now.  It has to be a sickness and Phipps should know.  He is a clinical psychologist who works as a realtor.  The mayor of Dania Beach, Walter Duke, and Bobbie Grace, a commissioner backed by the Duke machine,  attended a hearing on the stalking of Pat Flury to give moral support to Phipps.  In Dania Beach, the abnormal is normal. Its good to hear some common sense and respect from your area of south Florida.


>>Deriving pleasure from some one's humiliation/degreation is the very definition of a sadist.

Actually, the Germans know that as schadenfreude and it's a beautiful thing.


@phatblackchick Rest assured and have no doubt.

If your 76 year-old grandmother was a corrupt politician, I'd not worry one bit about photodicking her picture.

Albeit with a black (and larger) phallus.


You should read up on Larry Flynt and Pat Robertson. The cock and a public figure go way back.


Where was McPenisFaceFlury's respect for the citizens of Dania Beach?  Seem that old battleaxe thought her pursuit of the dais was more important than say the law and city charter.


What you fail to grasp...  Flury is on the dais illegally.  Regardless of the severity of the law, she had zero right to be there.

I'm accused of nailing Sylvia Poitier with only four misdemeanors.  A couple things wrong with that notion.

1.  I'm not in charge of charging anyone with a crime.  If I was, I'd send you a ticket for stupidity.

2. The only difference between a felony and misdemeanor charge is Sylvia got to keep her pension.  The end result, the result that was important to me, is her ass got booted from the dais.

Poitier was old. And I once, via PShop, compared her to Jabba the Hut. Ever see her? Perhaps some of my best work to date.


@ChazStevensGenius I LOVE IT!   It would appear that the only ones you upset are the ones who are "shady" in their deeds.    GOOD JOB! and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.... 


@mcgilla1950@phatblackchick And what was the result of that hearing?

1. McPenisFaceFlury indicated on a sworn affidavit her address was in Fort Lauderdale.

2.McPenisFaceFlury's request for a restraining order was denied.

Look bro. Go back to shilling your crappy furniture, or art, or whatever that crap your selling is called.

You lost.  Convert that truck into a tamales stand....

Get a life.  You're starting to become overly boorish.

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