Marissa Alexander Must Be Pardoned By Rick Scott

Marissa Alexander
Florida Senator Dwight Bullard has sent a letter to Gov. Rick Scott, urging him to pardon Marissa Alexander.

Alexander is a 32-year-old African American mother of three who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a gun into the air to ward off her abusive husband.

She tried to use the "stand your ground" law to defend herself. Hell, it worked for George Zimmerman!

But apparently the rules only apply to a dude who attacks and shoots and unarmed teen boy even after the cops ordered that dude to stand down, and does not so much apply to a frightened mother who shot at a wall because she was trying to protect herself and her sons from an admittedly abusive husband who was ordered by a court to stay away from her.

"This is a complete and utter outrage," Senator Bullard stated in his letter. "How can a mother who previously had no criminal record, living in fear for her life, and shooting no one, get a 20-year sentence and the gunman of a 17 year-old child goes completely free!"

The Alexander incident happened in her home back in August of 2010. She and her then-husband, Rico Gray -- who has a documented case of domestic abuse -- got into a heated dispute.

Frightened for her safety, Alexander fired a warning shot into the wall to ward him off.

Alexander then cited "stand your ground," which is probably the first time the law was actually used for what it was intended for -- to use force to protect oneself if a life threatening situation arises.

But then something called the 10-20-Life law derailed her defense and a judge ruled that Alexander was not eligible to use "stand your ground" as a defense because he saw her as the aggressor.

Crazy pills?

Crazy pills.

We're no forensic experts, but we're pretty sure shooting a wall is very much different than shooting a black kid carrying a bag of Skittles and an Arizona ice tea.

Ah but, this is where Rick Scott comes in.

Under current Florida law, the governor's office has the authority to pardon those who have been sentenced in a court of law.

And so Bullard sent the letter asking Scott to do so, because this whole thing is so ridiculous it makes one wonder if this is real life.

But, alas, this is Florida. So, yea.

No word yet from Scott's office, although he's been pretty douchey towards a group of protesters at his office demanding he change the "stand your ground law."

But one can argue that changing the law is a complicated mess where many things need to fall into place.

Not so with the Alexander case.

It's pretty simple.

Pardon Alexander, let her go home, and, at the very least, bring some sanity to a state that has brought some insane shit to the forefront of race relations in this country.

Your call, Rick.

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It is absurd to think that an attached garage is any less a part of the house than any other room.  She was offered a plea that would have branded her a felon for the rest of her life even though she had no criminal record prior to this whatsoever.  When she went to trial all of the evidence she was counting on was thrown out.   Volumes of mitigating and exculpatory evidence were withheld from the jury.  Rico had tried to frame two different partners previously.  Not admissible.  Rico had beaten Marissa into the hospital previously.  Not admissible.  Rico had a 6 page long history of violence against women.  Not admissible.  Rico had a restraining order against him and if he had obeyed it none of this would have happened.  Not admissible.  Rico's testimony was purchased by the prosecution by not trying him for violating the restraining order Marissa had against him.  Not admissible.  All of the abuser turned accuser's prior baby mommas had lived in terror of his man.  Not admissible.  Marissa was an excellent shot and could have filled him with bullets.  Not introduced.  Marissa most likely was suffering from post partum depression, traumatic brain injury, and or post traumatic stress disorder.  Not introduced.  No one can blame this jury.  All of the blame lies with the prosecutor, the judge and their hero the abuser turned accuser.


I had to read the Yahoo story to get the 'REST OF THE STORY'

the reported fact missing was, she was in an argument, left the house, got her gun and came back into the house, where she confronted her husband.

or, she fled, and returned with a gun.  -not a cop.

and the jury took 12 minutes to find her guilty.  plus she was offered 3yrs, and turned it down. (she spend 3 years in jail awaiting trial).

What wasn't said is why you can't trust the Media!  

basically, she cam back to the fight with a gun.  -you can't do that.  

-OTOH, she did have a RO on her husband. 


KennyPowersII topcommenter

Is that Frank Adderly's wife? 

BTW, does anyone, other than me, believes Angela Corey should be charged with incitement to riot? Arrogance and incompetence is a very bad combination.



She tried to use the "stand your ground" law to defend herself. Hell, it worked for George Zimmerman!

end Quote/

Its  just another lie,  Zimmerman used self defense.     which discredits your whole argument.

Once you lie, nothing else can be trusted!  -don't you get that? 

-now had you used the FLPD police chief's wife as an argument, you would have a case.  (Adderly ?)

or just let it stand on its own merits.  it can.

but repeating lies just makes your argument foolish.


When was Zimmerman told by a cop to "Stand Down"???

You mean when the 911 NON-Cop told Zimmerman that,"We don't need you to do that."

Why act as ignorant as a typical writer at FOXNews?


@KennyPowersII   the real crime for Corey was firing her IT director, after he revealed to the Defense Corey was withholding evidence.  (pictures of TM with guns and pot).

-firing the whistle blower!?  chilling effect anyone. 

that is pretty bad.  

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