Marco Rubio, Expected to Take Up 20-Week Abortion Ban, Has Twitter Trolled by Women's Rights Group

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It's tough being Marco Rubio these days. The former Tea Party pinup is now feeling a blunt blowback from his former hard-right constituency. The fresh wounds are from the Florida senator's stance on the immigration bill.

In the eyes of those supporters, the senator's openness to amnesty is tantamount to an Et Tu Marco backstabbing; now, Rubio has to do what all Republicans must whenever they flex a little common sense: duck for cover under the most Neanderthaloid conservative position available.

And for Rubio, abortion is looking good. But the senator's defensive maneuver has put him on the shitlist of another vocal interest group.

Pro-life groups have been courting Rubio to take up the football on a Senate version of a controversial 20-week abortion ban -- the same legislation that inspired Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis' 13-hour filibuster.

Although he hasn't committed to the issue, the Tampa Bay Times reported over the weekend that the senator is expected to throw in his support this week. By sponsoring the legislation, the thinking goes, Rubio might take his chances as a potential GOP presidential candidate off life support.

But women's rights groups are well aware that Rubio's decision is coming this week. In response, they've organized a social-media blitz starting today. is urging supporters to blast Rubio's accounts and phone lines all month as part of the "Need Your Permission" campaign.

"Women across the country unite and tell Senator Marco Rubio, who is introducing a comparable bill to the House bill in the Senate, that if he wants to make decisions about my uterus and my reproductive life, he gets to make all the decisions about my life. You don't get to cherry pick," the event's organizers explained on Facebook. "If he want to control our bodies, let's try to give him our need for decisions for one month."

The idea is to flood Rubio's account with hilariously small-caliber life decisions, each hashtagged as "#needyourpermission," "#NYP,: or "#nypmarcorubio."

By early Monday, the results were already starting to trickle in to the senator's account, @marcorubio. Ah, snark.

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riverrat69 topcommenter

Marco "The Anchor Baby" needs to make sure he gets his vaginal probe results before he writes any restrictive abortion rights bills.

Shawn Weaver
Shawn Weaver

Newtimes is becoming less and less interesting to read...time for some new staff

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