James Tracy, FAU Conspiracy Theorist, Challenges Sun Sentinel To A Debate

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Well this one just got weird.

FAU Professor James Tracy, who's theorized both the Boston Bombing and the Sandy Hook shootings were staged by the government, has now challenged the Sun Sentinel to a debate because he's butt-hurt over the backlash.

Tracy didn't specify how, exactly, an individual could conceivably debate a multi-pronged institution of drivers, factory workers, reporters, editors, security guards, advertisers, marketers, and that guy who walks around the parking lot and makes sure everything's chill.

But that wasn't Tracy's prerogative in a very weepy 2,000-word manifesto dispatched to Sun Sentinel Editor Howard Saltz last month. Tracy hasn't apparently been happy with everyone calling him a conspiracy theorist and discrediting his rigorous inquisition into national tragedies.

So dastardly was the Sun Sentinel, James Tracy charges, it may even be guilty of libel:

The paper "explicitly [called] attention to my alleged moral or even mental incapacity to hold such a position," Tracy wrote. "Taken as a whole, the uniformly negative nature of such articles and commentaries can be considered as nothing less than a concerted campaign against me and is arguably libelous."

Hahahahahahaha. Really?

Here's how it went. Tracy penned several incredibly incendiary -- not to mention callous and insensitive -- blogs theorizing that dozens of children who died in the most tragic of manners hadn't actually died and then references as evidence his "considerable degree of research."

You want to see actual research? Read Eli Saslow's Washington Post feature revealing the unremitting heartache Newtown parents have endured after a child's passing.

Does Tracy really think Saslow and other journalists are making all of this up? And then, to make matters substantially worse, Tracy has the gall and temerity to harangue local journalists for calling him on it.

James Tracy represents the worst kind of double standards. He's allowed to inflict pain on innocent families struggling to comprehend something beyond reason, but views himself beyond reproach.

Saltz's answer was succinct: "I am quite comfortable in my belief that the Sun Sentinel has not libeled you... We would not engage in debate. That's not what newspapers do. Your suggestion confuses our reporting of positions contrary to yours with taking positions contrary to yours. They are not the same thing."

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Meanwhile, when he accuses Jeff Bauman, a man who lost both of his legs, of faking, Tracy is implying that Bauman is not a victim but rather a part of the conspiracy, and someone who is accepting charitable donations under false pretenses.

If that's not libel, I don't know what is.

frankd4 topcommenter

i bet this guy is getting women like crazy on campus

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Conspiracy theories make for great mental exercise. At least thought goes into it. America loves to swallow the one crazy madman assassin explanation. So much easier and doesn't require facts.


Debating with a conspiracy theorist seems to along the same lines as discussing god...

Both make-believe...

It's their lie and they'll tell it any way they like.

Jacob Logan Smith
Jacob Logan Smith

He definitely is not trolling, I had him for many classes throughout grad school. He actually does have that horrible level of double standard where he believes he can call out and horrify and torment anyone he pleases, but as soon as the light turns on him, he is a victim of the establishment.

Dan K. Alexander
Dan K. Alexander

The problem with this story is that everyone who has taken a class with Tracy - or who has, for whatever, closely followed Tracy's statements and the stories published about them - knows that Tracy is masterfully employing the art of the troll to expose questionable journalistic ethics practices. By publishing pieces written like this, you're proving Tracy's point. The beautifully ironic part is that Tracy would sound crazy if you didn't prove his critique right.

SethPlatt topcommenter

Fire this asshole or reassign him as creative writing teacher.


Oh how I miss the days when conspiracy theorists were looked at as the joke they are.  Now they let them run for office, teach kids, and generally make the rest of us miserable as they spread their moronic ideas.

frankd4 topcommenter

this guy has ALL the credentials to qualify as oH MARco ! rubios vice-persidential candidate in 2016

all he has to do until then is try to stay out of a mental institution and maybe bachmann can give him some advise on that part

these guys typically are crazy as the fox and hope to score a seat on fox and like sarah palin make more money (a report $27 million !) being stupid yet LOUD rather than timid and scholarly

remember - at any moment this guy can claim it was all in the interest of social experimentation - just like george wallace became born again just like paula dean will soon follow

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