Florida Woman Strips on Public Bus, Gets Arrested at Next Stop UPDATE

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(Orange County Jail)
So, an Orlando woman was riding on a public Lynx bus when she apparently decided being on a public bus was a good time as any to go ahead and put on a strip show.

Thirty-three year old Longwood resident Rosetta Jackson (Ms. Jackson, if you're nasty?), was riding on the Lynx Wednesday night when she took off all her clothes.

She then got off at the Central Station on Garland Avenue.


Update: Link to possible, maybe photos of her below

The mobile strip show happened at around 5 p.m., according to an arrest report.

Which means this was not just another drab and dreary lethargic rush hour trip from work with people crammed on a bus and cars moving like snails.

It was a drab and dreary lethargic rush hour trip from work with people crammed on a bus and cars moving like snails, with boobs.

It was like Scarlett's ON A BUS.

Unfortunately for Ms. Jackson, however, two cops happened to be hanging around the station when she exited the bus.

The officers walked up to the naked lady and asked her what was up with all the naked. She simply brought her hands up in front of her face and told the cops to take her to jail, according to the arrest report.

She then took the most "Kanye shrug" mugshot ever.

Ms. Jackson remained in the Orange County Jail on $250 bail Thursday.

One of our readers might have dug up Ms. Jackson's personal website and, low and behold, she's a model!

At least the Rosetta Jackson in these photos is.

Is this the same Rosetta Jackson? You be the judge.

Also, yes, we think it is.

Also, yes, we love our crazy readers.

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frankd4 topcommenter

.........and after all of that NO ONE wants to help the sista out with the $250 BAIL MONEY ?

WHERE are all these big-money ballers and rap-gangstas and ghetto-gentlemen or even an old fashioned PIMP to come up with a few benjamins here ? ! ?

funny how all these high-rollers are never around when the deal goes down

frankd4 topcommenter

how come this doesn't happen on Broward County Transit ?

commenter8 topcommenter

Nudity is harmless. The police should not have arrested her.


@commenter8 public indecency. its a law, technically a statute that the majority of metropolitan cities choose to keep on the books and enforce. Just like smoking a marijuana joint in public isn't hurting anyone, but is still illegal. : shrug : tis the way of our world for the time being. :) 

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